Top 10 Best iOS Games December 2022

Top 10 Best iOS Games December 2022

You might be wondering best iOS games that you can play on your iPhone, since the Apple Appstore contains almost 1 million games it is difficult to find one perfect iOS game which can suit your requirement. If you feel exhausted from finding best iOS games Finally you have landed on the right blog. Don’t worry True Tech always has a watchful eye best iOS games which may suit our viewers.

Not all iOS games are worth investing your time or money in. To give you something you’ll enjoy, I’ve put together a list of top iPhone games which takes into account a variety of genres, from action and puzzles to strategy and more.

You don’t even need an internet connection to enjoy using your iPhone or iPad as a powerful gaming device. This is made possible by top offline ios games, which are the ones that can be played at any time. These iPhone games can be a great way to kill time whether you’re at home, on the go, or looking to compete hard. Plus, it’s pretty good because you can connect with players anywhere in the world.

1. LEGO Star Wars

This game is for you if you like LEGO or the Star Wars enterprise with six incredible episodes of fun and adventure, LEGO Star Wars is a comprehensive story that is both a game in itself and a prequel to LEGO Star Wars II. The game is a very great software thanks to its amazing graphics and user interface. It includes amazing gameplay, more than a hundred characters and 36 scenes in story mode.

Without getting bogged down in backstory, The Skywalker Saga does a fantastic job of combining nine entire movies into one game. Making what is perhaps the finest game in the franchise to date. Your experience with difficulty will likely vary depending on how many puzzles you’ve played. Depending on my patience level and past experience solving problems, I think puzzles are probably acceptable to me. But I’m not sure how it is for you.

It’s arguably the finest LEGO game to date, and the fact that it’s a Star Wars game is simply the cherry on top. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga includes a number of allusions and Easter eggs that Star Wars fans can appreciate, while maintaining the same kind of LEGO comedy as previous LEGO games.

The game LEGO Star Wars Battles is available for free download and online play. However, certain game items can only be obtained by purchasing real money.

2. Among us

The game’s basic idea is that players take on the character of either an impostor or a crewmate. A spaceship’s crew members must complete a list of tasks before it can depart. For the most part, Among Us lives up to the expectations generated by its gradual rise in popularity. It’s an intense, new multiplayer game that just wasn’t popular online until recently.

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Essentially, Among Us is a survival game where you either have to eliminate all the imposters and complete all the duties, or the imposter must murder all your crew members or prevent them from completing the tasks to win. It’s an addictive game full of requirements that help construct a quick thinker as well as a good liar, whether it’s to improve your quick thinking skills, to promote voting or just for fun.

This is pleasant and social, and it can help young people to make friends in a pleasant way. Due to occasional cartoon violence and scary themes, the Apple Store recommends that children aged nine and up watch Among Us. The best part is that you can play the Among Us games for free on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Pale

Blek is a distinct game about creativity and individuality. I have been playing this game for almost a year and loved playing it because it helps me think smarter and keeps me engaged. Everything you sketch moves and it’s magical to see your ideas come to life. The goal is to draw a line that avoids black holes and collects all colored circles along the way. There are no special maneuvers you have to master. There are countless answers to any problem, from the pleasingly simple to the incredibly deep and intricate, but always elegant. Unfortunately, this game is not free, you can install the game for $4.99 on the Appstore.

4. Battle of Polytopia

In the award-winning signature turn-based strategy game The Battle of Polytopia, players take control of the map as they battle other tribes, explore new areas, and learn to use cutting-edge technology. In a turn-based competition with the other tribes, you take the position of leader of a tribe and make an effort to establish a civilization.

Polytopia is excellent because it’s straightforward. Choose a tribe, then spread across the map and annex neighboring cities. As you conquer more territory, you earn more stars each turn, giving you access to more structures, units and technology.

It’s a simple 4X game that strips away most of the complexity often associated with the genre, reducing it to the bare essentials. As a consequence, you get a 4X game that is accessible to beginners without being simplistic and can be completed in under 30 minutes.

There are single player, local multiplayer and internet game modes available for The Battle of Polytopia. Online multiplayer requires a payment, although local multiplayer and single player are free to play.

5. Frag Pro Shooter

One of my favorite games that I use often is a simple but engaging game that helps me spend my free time, just choose a hero, assemble a team, enter the arena and start battle.

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FRAG was created to be a distinct shooter with no blood, no death, just fun and a positive attitude. There are many characters to uncover; a new one will be revealed every month. With the help of the season pass, you can quickly unlock it. Maps, characters, and skins are all features of the game that respect a living DA, and the game’s aesthetics are excellent.

You can download and play the game for free, but you can upgrade the app to unlock a special player, but that’s entirely your choice.

6. The Lord of the Rings: War

The goal of The Lord of the Rings: War, a “geo-strategic seasonal war game,” is to conquer as much of Middle-earth as possible while attempting to take Dol Guldur and reclaim the One Ring. Players must take over the pieces on the map to expand their territory to achieve this.

It’s a pretty unique mobile strategy game. For more casual gamers, it might be a bit off-putting, but if you’ve been looking for something on mobile that even comes close to a true strategy experience, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Battle rival factions for control of the One Ring, appoint new leaders and even create your own personal ring of power. You can explore much of Middle-earth as you assemble your squad and assemble a sizable army. Although it is free to play, there are in-app purchases.

7. Desta: The Memories Between

Netflix is ​​not only the best streaming service but also the best gaming service I love most of the games that are on Netflix. One of the games I love to play is Desta: The Memories Between, a rogue-like strategy game where you play dodgeball against dream representations of individuals from your hometown with whom you have unsettled business. Think “Hades” meets XCOM for the best way to describe the minute-by-minute gameplay, but the story beats and character work are just as entertaining.

The game is about navigating complex emotions and having challenging conversations with family and friends without ever degenerating into darkness. Desta is free if you already have a Netflix subscription, although you’ll need one to play it. You can either download the game from the Appstore or launch it by looking for it on the Netflix mobile app.

8. Mario Kart Tour

Basically, what it says on the box is Mario Kart Tour is a mobile version of Nintendo’s arcade racer that features racing and challenge courses in distinctive locations. Essentially, the racing and challenging tracks in this portable version of Nintendo’s arcade racers are located in interesting locations.

The actual racing and action in Mario Kart Tour is wonderfully done: driving the karts feels good, the environments and characters sound fantastic, and playing Mario with one hand can be a lot of fun. But there are several obstacles in the way of a Mario Kart smartphone app.

Currently, there is no multiplayer available in Mario Kart Tour; it is a game for one player. Nintendo’s adaptation of the Mario Kart series for smartphones is called Mario Kart Tour, and it’s currently available for free on iOS devices. However, some game features, such as a full racing class, need a monthly price to access.

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9. Pokemon Unite

A multiplayer online battle arena game called Pokémon Unite usually has two teams of five players each. The side that ends each match with the highest total score wins. Each match can only last ten minutes. A team can also triumph if the opponent gives up.

It is a tactical team battle game that The Pokémon Company and Tencent Games’ Timi Studios are working on together. Pokémon UNITE is intended to be a free-to-start cross-platform game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Players compete in 5-on-5 team matches against each other in this game.

It was a game that every Pokémon fan should try at least once, just to feel the thrill of playing as Pikachu or Lucario or to see these amazing creatures in another form of the game. It had a roster of both fan favorites and underdogs. People loved it and it became popular right away.

You will require a total of 7360 Aeon Gems to unlock the remaining Pokemon after subtracting the ones currently available to unlock in the game for free.

10. Fallout Shelter

True Tech strongly suggests giving Fallout Shelter a try because it is part of one of the most popular and popular video game franchises today. In Fallout Shelter, players construct and oversee their own vault as Overseers, who act as the vault’s organizer and boss. The inhabitants, or people of the vault, are led and guided by players, who must satisfy their demands for power, food and water to keep the contents.

In this dystopian future, when it’s nearly impossible to live anywhere you can see the sky, you must maintain an underground shelter. Each person you choose to live and work at your shelter will bring unique skills that you can use in a wide range of jobs.

By doing so, you can also enlarge the shelter to ensure that everyone inside has access to adequate food, water, power, and leisure while keeping them safe from robbers and radioactive creatures. The game is free to play.

Final verdict

These are some of them best iOS games that True Tech recommends you to play in December 2022 I hope this article helped you to choose the best game for your interest, if you find this blog useful, please consider sharing it with your friends who are looking for the best iOS games which can fit into their requirements. If you know any of the best iOS games you play and think missed the list, comment them in the comments section. Will try to add them to the upcoming list of articles. Thank you.

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