Tomlin: ‘We’re all pretty hacked’ about losing two games in a row

Tomlin: ‘We’re all pretty hacked’ about losing two games in a row

It may surprise you to learn, but groups of highly competitive people who are so skilled that they have reached the top of their profession do not like to lose. In fact, they are not particularly happy to lose. But there seems to be a difference between being angry about losing games and thinking there must be a team mutiny.

Of course there are frustrated people in that locker room. If it wasn’t, this would be a bad team. You shouldn’t be happy about losing. The tone in the dressing room should be a bit bitter right now, but also focused on winning the next time they are out there. And that’s the tone head coach Mike Tomlin set yesterday in his pregame press conference.

“I don’t know about the offensive room in particular — I don’t know that I diagnose it that way,” he said when asked to gauge the level of frustration on the offensive side of the ball. “I know we’re all pretty bummed that we hadn’t won the last two games and we realize football is our game and our business is winning so we’ve got to get back to business.”

Winning smooths over many problems and tensions, while losing exposes them. It’s just the nature of the beast. It’s hard to be too unhappy if you’re winning, but if you’re losing games and you feel like you could be a reason why you’re winning if you were just used more, well, maybe you’re not excited about it. As it should beas long as it is channeled productively.

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Maybe there’s a player or two who wants to mutiny. Who can say for sure? But there’s also a ton of misrepresentation out there, especially from the local media radio hosts if we’re being honest about it.

Andrew Fillipponi completely misrepresented postgame comments Mitch Trubisky made yesterday, such as while interviewing Ryan Clark, saying he subtly took a shot at George Pickens and Diontae Johnson for “checking out” while praising Pat Freiermuth to stay engaged in the game. despite not being targeted until late.

I apologize for that digression, but I just listened to that interview and I had to get it off my chest. It’s exactly the kind of stuff that’s being put out there right now that is toxic on so many levels. It’s irresponsible, generally speaking, but it’s also a disservice to the fans, and it, if anything, discourages players from giving anything other than stock answers — something free agents often find themselves having to resort to in the first year or two after that they have signed in Pittsburgh.

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