Times when real game consoles appeared in video games

Times when real game consoles appeared in video games

Game consoles are meant to play video games; it is their highest priority. They are not designed for watching movies or listening to music, although some focus is still on them. Because of this, the last thing you would expect is for the game consoles themselves to appear in video games.

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Often this is because the game is from a first-party studio or is published by the console manufacturer, but not always. Sometimes it’s simply because of a good relationship between the developer and the console manufacturer. Console appearances did not appear much in older generations of games, but quickly began to appear in the sixth generation of consoles.


10/10 Halo Infinite: Original Xbox

Halo Infinite is the first entry in the series to be open-world, and the game is filled with easter eggs. It’s a giant sandwich, red vs. blue references, and a Craig easter egg. By far the coolest is the look of an original Xbox. Hidden in a rooftop area towards the southern part of the map near the center divider is an original Xbox connected to a TV. This original Xbox Easter egg is likely to nod to the brand, which turns 20 in 2021, the same release year as Halo Infinite.

While the Easter egg is amazing, it could have been more creative. It would have been cool if the room was a replica of the stage at CES when the Xbox was first revealed with Bill Gates and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

9/10 Resident Evil Remake: GameCube

The Resident Evil remake was part of an exclusivity deal with Nintendo for three new Resident Evil titles. Capcom’s collaboration with Nintendo during this period did not turn out well for both parties, but at least it resulted in many great games.

Near the end of the Resident Evil remake in the lab, you can insert the MO discs into their readers to gain access to the cell where your other partner is being held. If you look closely at the readers, you’ll notice that they look exactly like GameCubes. In the HD version of the remake, the readers were changed, probably due to legal reasons.

8/10 Alan Wake: Xbox 360

Alan Wake is one of Remedy Entertainment’s most famous titles. Originally published by Xbox Game Studios and exclusive to the Xbox 360 for two years, it’s no surprise to see the console itself make an appearance.

At the very beginning of episode four, as soon as you get out of your room, go to the room opposite and you’ll find an Xbox 360. You’ll also find a Death Rally poster, another game from Remedy Entertainment. Although it’s an easter egg, it’s part of the story as the room belongs to Emerson, a struggling game developer. In Alan Wake Remastered, the machine looks far more generic, as the working relationship between Microsoft and Remedy was largely over by that point.

7/10 Ninja Gaiden: Prototype Xbox

The prototype version of the original Xbox is one of the most iconic early designs for a console. It’s a giant aluminum X that’s as striking as ever. In every game developed by Team Ninja made exclusively for Xbox and Xbox 360, there is a prototype Xbox in it.

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By far the most useful is the prototype design included in Ninja Gaiden (2004) and Ninja Gaiden Black. Next to Han’s Bar, wall run to a secret area where the windmill shuriken and prototype Xbox can be found. Using the device will completely replenish your health and ninpo and can be used indefinitely. The first Ninja Gaiden has a semi-open game world, so you can often return to this location to refill if you want.

6/10 Dead Or Alive 4: Xbox 360

Tecmo and Microsoft had a good collaboration in the 2000s. This is mostly due to Team Ninja’s preference to develop on Xbox platforms over financial support from Microsoft, which is incredibly rare in today’s age. Dead or Alive 4 made it clear that it was an Xbox 360 exclusive.

DOA4 featured a playable character from the Halo series in collaboration with, at the time, series developer Bungie. The game also featured both the prototype Xbox and Xbox 360 as survival mode items. When the Xbox 360 drops from an opponent, the classic 360 startup sound will play and will give you 360,000 points and refill your health.

5/10 Astro’s Playroom: Every PlayStation

Astro’s Playroom is a game pre-installed on every PS5 console, and that tells you it’s a very PlayStation-centric game. This tech demo not only contains easter eggs from many PlayStation series, but has every single PlayStation in it as artifacts and many of its peripherals as well.

There are elements modeled in this game that you may not even see or remember. So much nostalgia oozes from this game, but it’s strange to see all these PlayStation elements modeled in a PS5 game. To further reinforce the recognition of their consoles, the entire game resembles the PS5 internals in various areas.

4/10 Luigi’s Mansion: Game Boy Color

The Nintendo GameCube didn’t launch with a new Mario game, but a Luigi game. Luigi’s Mansion was a short but sweet adventure game that involved Luigi beating up ghosts. The map is very useful because a big part of the game is collecting keys and figuring out where to go next.

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However, the device you use as your map and access stats is a Game Boy Color, with the color changed to Horror to fit the game’s theme. The use of the system in this game is so popular that people have even created custom Game Boy colors to look like it.

3/10 Super Monkey Ball 2: GameCube

When you think of GameCube exclusives, you’ll eventually think of the Super Monkey Ball games. Both games are some of the most difficult titles on the GameCube, but the tight controls of the analog stick make these games like no other. In the second game, the final level of the Master Extra course pays homage to all of this.

The level is a rotating Nintendo GameCube that you have to cross to get to the goal, which is in the disc reader. It is quite difficult for a final level. In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe and Banana Mania, the level was changed to a block of dice, which was even more challenging to complete.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is still to this day a PlayStation 3 exclusive. A big part of the game is nostalgia, with so many characters from MGS1 returning and Snake returning to Shadow Moses in act four. In the final act of the game, you will face the Screaming Mantis boss fight.

After the boss is defeated, Psycho Mantis will return and make some callbacks to the first game. He will try to read your memory card, but the PlayStation 3 has a hard drive, so no luck for him. During this part of the cutscene, you can press X to see a flashback showing the original PlayStation console with a memory card inserted. If MGS4 ever gets a re-release, this recap will probably need to be edited.

1/10 Shenmue: Sega Saturn

One of the most famous games released on Sega’s last home console, Shenmue was a game changer. The game accurately simulates 1980s Japan and gives you a lot of freedom to explore it.

One thing that is not accurate, however, is the Sega Saturn in the home’s living room. The Saturn was released eight years after the time the game took place, so the immersion is broken. At least you can play on the device if you manage to win Saturn titles from raffles in the in-game stores.

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