TikTok’s best hacks for fine hair: See photos

TikTok’s best hacks for fine hair: See photos

TikTok Fine Hair Hack

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

  • TikTok is known for its beauty hacks, especially when it comes to all things hair.
  • We’ve rounded up TikTok’s best hair hacks for fine hair.
  • An editor tested the hacks to see if they actually work.

Over the past year, I’ve come to rely on TikTok for all things beauty. Whether it’s discovering the exact makeup products Hailey Bieber uses and trying to recreate her look at home or learning about trends like “reverse hair washing,” I can always count on the platform to learn something new.

Plus, scrolling through my For You page always leads me to discover tons of hacks that suit my specific hair type, which is fine and dry. After testing practically every fine hair hack that came my way, I’ve decided to round up TikTok’s favorites that actually work. Keep scrolling to learn more and see my before-and-after photos.

Scrunchie Bun Hack for Fine Hair


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♬ i know i’m up but it’s sad lofi – LLusion

Having fine hair means I have a hard time getting my bun to look full once I put my hair up. After discovering this hair hack from TikTok user Jazra Barnes who uses a scrunchie to make her hair look fuller, my bun game has changed beyond measure.

To begin, I pull my hair into a high ponytail and wrap the scrunchie around it three times. Next, I take the rest of my ponytail and wrap it around the scrunchie. To finish it all off, I either tuck the ends under the scrunchie or I secure everything with bobby pins in a few different places. The scrunchie makes it look like my hair is layered on top of more hair, when it’s actually just an illusion.

TikTok Fine Hair Hack

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

Behind-the-ear ponytail hack for fine hair


The easiest side style, ever 🙌🏻 #hår #frisyre #haircut #hairtutorial #hairtok #easyhair #finhair #finehairtutorials #finehairstyles #finehairhacks #hairvideo #easyhair #beauty#hairideas #sommerhair #haircut #hairride #haircut

♬ Got My Mind Set On You – Remastered 2004 – George Harrison

I recently started wearing my hair in a side part, and I’ve found that when I do, I usually tuck one side of my hair behind my ear. Since my hair is so fine, this causes some problems. Either I end up messing with my hair and touching it all the time, which makes it greasy and limp by the end of the day, or I do my best not to touch it at all and it ends up with sticking flat against my head. This hack from beauty influencer Ashley Erickson keeps me from touching my hair too much throughout the day, and it also gives me volume at the roots.

I start by taking the hair I usually put behind my ear and pulling it into a ponytail with a small rubber band. Then I make an opening in the ponytail and flip through the hair. After tightening everything and pinning it behind the ear, I pull pieces from the top to loosen it and add volume.

TikTok nice hair hair

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

Half-up, half-down claw clip hack for fine hair


Love this hairstyle with claws!! Styled by: @Kait Curnow 🤍 #korthårstyler #finhårveileidingen #hårveileddingen #enkle frisyrer #hårhår #clawcliphack

♬ Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

Ever since claw clips came back in style, I’ve been a huge fan. They are easy to wear and they always make me look more put together than I actually am. I’ve recently started seeing a lot of people sporting half-up-half-down nail clip styles, but I never thought I had enough hair to wear one myself—until I discovered this hack from user Alyssa Lee.

I start by dividing my hair into two sections and tying the top half into a ponytail. From there, I make an opening and pull the hair through the hole, which creates a mini bun with a tail. To finish, I clip my claw clip over the mini bun and there you have it — a perfect half-up-half-down hairstyle, even for fine hair.

TikTok Fine Hair Hack

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

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