TikTok mom shares recipe for the ‘easiest’ poached egg you’ll ever make in the microwave

TikTok mom shares recipe for the ‘easiest’ poached egg you’ll ever make in the microwave

TikTok creator Jennifer Valentyne describes herself as a “mom who loves cooking, cocktails and comedy”. After years of cooking for the family, she has found a quick and easy recipe for making poached eggs that doesn’t require a pan or the use of your stovetop.

In a video shared with her 572.3k followers, Jennifer showed how she makes her ‘perfect’ poached egg with just a cup of water, a dash of vinegar and the microwave.

She said, “The easiest poached egg you’ll ever make. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to a cup of cold water and then add the egg.”

Vinegar is a must-have addition when making poached eggs recommended by countless chefs. The acidity of the vinegar helps increase the rate of denaturation and helps the poached egg hold its shape. Although vinegar has a strong taste and smell, a few drops are unlikely to affect the taste of your egg.

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It is recommended to use a light vinegar, such as white vinegar, as this means your egg will not be discolored or have a strong taste.

Darker vinegars, such as balsamic, are not recommended as they are likely to alter the color and flavor of your egg. Next, Jennifer says you should put the cup of water and egg in a microwave. “Microwave for one minute,” she said. After removing the egg from the microwave, she says it looks “perfect”.

She continued: “I put it on my sprouted toast and add some salt and paper.” When she cuts into her egg, a golden, runny yolk oozes out. She said, “It’s beautiful, look at it, perfect.”

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Jennifer’s poached egg video has so far garnered 13.9,000 “likes” and viewers have commented on their experiences testing the hack themselves.

Although many cooks recommend using vinegar, some commenters said this step wasn’t necessary when they tried the hack. Rachel commented, “You don’t need vinegar and I make poached eggs all the time.”

Rucci added: “There’s no need to add vinegar, it doesn’t do anything.” Describing his favorite method of cooking eggs in the microwave, Jonny said: “Put half a cup of water in the ramekin. Skip the vinegar. Crack the egg into the water. Microwave – but cover it in case it cracks. Simple.” [SIC]

Other users said that the hack did not work for them. One user said: “Thanks, but it didn’t work and it exploded in my microwave.” If you prefer to cook your poached eggs on the stove, TikTok video creator Maddy, who shares recipes and cooking tips with an audience of 527.8k followers on @cafemaddy, has an alternative method.

Maddy explained: “Here’s how to poach your egg perfectly every time. First, crack the egg on a strainer so that the watery parts of the egg white are filtered out, then add distilled vinegar to a pot of boiling water.”

Maddy continued, “Stir and then gently place the egg in the water. Gently swirl the egg around so the egg doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot, and when we get a nice, round shape, simmer for another five minutes.”

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