TikTok is blowing up this super easy eyeliner hack

TikTok is blowing up this super easy eyeliner hack

Could the secret to a flawless cateye be right at your fingertips? A Viral TikTok Hack Means It! Drawing a cateye is one of the most popular makeup techniques and one that many aspiring MUAs struggle with, so this super simple hack could be the revolutionary trick you’re looking for to get your wings straight.

TikTok user Bex shared her go-to hack for creating the perfect winged look using just a liner pencil and your finger — no fiddly stencils or switching between brushes and formulas. For her technique, you just need a steady hand.

“Struggle with eyeliner? I have the best hack,” she shares in her quick video, adding that all you need is a black or brown pencil. (Colors work, too!) “You put your finger on the corner of your eye, and where you feel the pressure, that’s where you put the pencil liner.” Bex draws a large dot of liner on her index finger, places it on the spot she had previously identified, and carefully draws the color out into a wing. It’s that simple!

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If the finger prick trick doesn’t work for you, don’t worry – Bex has another solution that can be faster. Instead of drawing a dot on your finger, she recommends drawing it on the corner of your eye instead. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure you have a decent color concentration. Then take your fingertip and press the color outwards. Voilà!

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This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originates.

Bex’s original video currently has more than five million views, so it’s safe to say this hack has caught on and gained some serious steam. Countless other TikTok users have tried (pun intended) the technique, although results vary. User @theamyna perfected her finger wing with a little concealer and a brush, while Mirta Miller was blown away by how well the hack worked. User Serena Kelly even called Bex’s hack a “game changer.”

Ready to try this application tip for yourself? Make sure you wash your hands first, as your fingers will be very close to your eyes, and then you can (literally) wing it with just a flick of your fingertips — and some liner, ofc.

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