This week in the metaverse: Amazon could disrupt the NFT industry, the creator of Moonbird’s NFTs gets hacked, and Pedigree wants you to foster a dog in the metaverse

This week in the metaverse: Amazon could disrupt the NFT industry, the creator of Moonbird’s NFTs gets hacked, and Pedigree wants you to foster a dog in the metaverse

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Amazon could soon shake up the entire NFT industry with a new initiative based on digital collectibles, according to a report this week by BlockWorks. Citing multiple anonymous sources, the outlet reported that the NFT project could be announced in April, but the report could not be independently verified Fortune.

The report says the goal is for Amazon customers to interact with crypto games and claim NFTs. This could be a smart move on Amazon’s part, as according to a report from DappRadar this week, gaming represents 49% of all daily blockchain activity, with millions of users participating every day.

While Amazon getting into the NFT game could be a boon for the industry, it needs to tread carefully. For example, the company will have to contend with an NFT market filled with scams capable of ensnaring even the most seasoned crypto veterans.

These veterans include Kevin Rose, founder of the news aggregator digg and creator of the NFT project Moonbirds. On a Twitter Spaces, Rose said that a hacker may have stolen more than a million dollars worth of NFTs from his digital wallet, thanks in part to a malicious airdrop. Several NFTs were stolen, including 25 Squiggles NFTs and a pricey Autoglyph NFT.

Fortunately, his zombie CryptoPunk, CryptoPunk #5066, was not stolen. Only 0.88% of the 10,000 CryptoPunks are zombies, and similar NFTs have been known to sell for thousands of Ether, including CryptoPunk #2066, which is similar to Roses and was sold on OpenSea just 28 days ago for 1.155 ETH, or $1.8 million.

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In other news:

Do you own a plot of land with metaverse land in it Decentralized country? Have you ever wanted to foster a dog? Pet food manufacturer Pedigree will now let metaverse users foster virtual dogs through their FOSTER VERSE program launched this week. Through the program, metaverse owners will upload a digital version of real dogs to Adopt a Pet and care for them in the metaverse. Decentraland users who do not own land can still interact with the virtual dogs, adopt them in real life through Adopt a Pet, or donate to the Pedigree Foundation to help real pets. Those who participate in the program can earn customized FOSTERVERSE wearables for sports in Decentraland.

Courtesy of Pedigree

Prada announced the latest edition to its Time capsule collection of specially designed clothes, which each come with their own NFT. The February edition is the second of a three-part series of shirts with special prints by the Italian photographer Enzo Ragazzini from his 70s archive. One NFT holder will also be selected to attend the Prada Womenswear Fall/Winter 2023 fashion show on February 23. The collection will be available on February 2nd.

Courtesy of Prada

Remioa VR app that focuses on remote team building and collaboration for businesses is now available for download at Meta Quest through the Meta Store. In the app, employees can solve puzzles and play games together as well as gather for virtual meetings. Users can participate in virtual activities such as solving an escape room together, visiting the digital happy hour bar and playing paintball, before gathering in virtual group rooms and presentation rooms.

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