This phone gets an honorable mention

This phone gets an honorable mention

When I unboxed the newly launched Honor 70, something immediately caught my attention. The phone looked remarkably like the Huawei nova 10. Even the way the phones are packaged is identical. The dimensions are slightly different, but only by millimeters. Both phones come with a screen protector and protective case. The boxes contain similar-looking chargers, the only difference being the Huawei logo and the Honor logo. Besides the external similarities, a quick comparison on showed that the phones use similar components and offer similar performance.

The big difference: Honor connects to the Google Play Store, which is off-limits to Huawei due to the US government’s 2019 ban on some organizations in the US from doing business with Huawei. The Chinese company then spun off its Honor division into an independent business, at this stage unaffected by the ban, but the move partly explains the similarity in technology.

The Honor 70 comes with a pre-installed screen protector, a protective cover, a USB-C charger and cable. Setting it up is pretty much the same as any other Android phone, but there are some extra security features. You enter a six-digit code to unlock the phone. Then register your fingerprint and finally let your phone scan your face for facial recognition. In the past, when I used phones that needed facial recognition and fingerprints, I found that they quickly forgot what my face looked like or failed to capture my fingerprints. Not with honor. It worked first time, every time.

If data and apps have been backed up to Google, reinstalling them on your Honor is a quick task. Enter your Google username and password and all previously installed apps will be downloaded to your phone.

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The large 6.67-inch OLED display makes it easy to rearrange and group shortcuts, and it works seamlessly with the three rear and one front cameras.

The phone supports NFC (near-field communication), so you can transfer information from an older device to Honor without using data. NFC also allows the phone to be charged wirelessly. It uses Honor’s Magic UI 6.0 platform, based on the Android 12 operating system. Under the hood is 256GB of storage with 10GB of RAM, all powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G Plus CPU. The result is that most apps run flawlessly without lag or buffering. This also applies when several apps are running at the same time.

Other features include:
– A 4,800 mAh battery. Using fast charging, the battery will reach 60% in just 15 minutes.
– Dual SIM functions.
– A maximum screen resolution of 2,400X1,080.
– A selfie camera with a resolution of 50 MP and three rear cameras with resolutions of 54 MP, 50 MP and 8 MP with dual LED flash.

On the cameras, Honor has a few tricks up its sleeve. In addition to standard filters, low-light mode and the ability to sharpen images, the phone allows you to use the front and rear cameras simultaneously for videos and photos – a feature that is increasingly offered in handsets aimed at the youth market.

The only issue I had was with the volume rocker and power button. Both are on the right side of the phone and are so close that I couldn’t always tell them apart. This caused me to sometimes turn the phone off when I just wanted to turn the volume down.

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The Honor 70 is an elegant and highly capable smartphone that won’t shy away from hard work. It has decent battery life and great cameras. The fact that it comes with a charger and charging cable, unlike some of the competitors, is the cherry on top.

Expect to pay: R15 800
Warehouse managers: and the most recognized mobile sites.

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