This Costco hack will make holiday hosting a breeze

This Costco hack will make holiday hosting a breeze

The savings alone will make you jump for joy.

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All recipes

There is a long list of reasons why we love Costco. From the $1.50 hot dog combo to the price adjustment policy and house liquor selection, we can spend an entire day at the members-only superstore and still have more to buy. When it comes to Costco, we thought we knew all the tricks of the trade, but recently we stumbled upon a new Costco hack that absolutely changes the holiday hosting game—and it comes in the form of a giant box of chocolate chip cookie dough.

When the holidays come around, our trips to the megastore become as frequent as our weekly grocery store. From fresh wreaths and live wreaths to seasonal confections, the wholesaler comes in clutch for so many holiday essentials. But if there’s one thing you absolutely must add to your cart this season, it’s a box of frozen Kirkland Signature Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

We were already familiar with the pre-baked version of the cookie thanks to Costco’s expansive bakery section, but having a giant box of pre-formed cookie dough to bake however you like is a true revelation—especially around the holidays when class parties and office parties are an everyday occurrence . Instead of heading to the store for a bag of chips or boxed brownie mix, bake a few rows of these delicious classic treats and call it a day. They are a perennial crowd pleaser that is even better when served fresh out of the oven.

Like everything else at Costco, the cookie dough is sold in bulk. Each box comes with 120 pre-formed chocolate chip cookies, which is five times more than you get with the standard 24-count pre-baked container. Each dough ball weighs 1.76 grams, so one or two are more than enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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To cash in on the hack, simply walk up to the bakery at your local Costco and ask for a box of cookie dough. The giant box will only set you back about $23-26, which comes out to about 20 cents per cookie. This is a huge savings considering the regular baked version is around $12 for just 24 cookies, or 50 cents per cookie. Rumor has it that it’s not just the chocolate bars that come frozen. You can also get other cake varieties, plus croissants and pastries depending on the location! Pro tip: If your local Costco doesn’t offer the option, you can order online and have the dough shipped directly to your home.

There’s never a bad time for a warm chocolate chip cookie, and thanks to this Costco hack, you’ll always have one—or 120—on hand. Just one more reason to renew your Costco membership in the new year!

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