This cool secret iPhone feature lets you video chat in the dark

This cool secret iPhone feature lets you video chat in the dark

The front camera on your iPhone has a secret weapon. The same tool as everyone else best iPhones use to make Memoji can also be used as a night vision camera for video chats. Even when the camera looks completely dark, you can activate Memoji and the caller will see you perfectly…albeit with the filter on. If you know how to set up Memojiyou now have night vision.

The front-facing camera on the iPhone, ever since iPhone X with a forehead notch, contains what Apple calls a TrueDepth sensor. The TrueDepth sensor is very similar to the technology used by Microsoft Xbox Kinect. It involves an infrared projector and a corresponding sensor camera.

The iPhone TrueDepth module sprays a series of invisible dots all over your face. If you wear glasses that are able to see into the infrared spectrum, you can actually see the dots and the pattern they make. The camera on the iPhone can detect and read the dots, and it analyzes the pattern to create a 3D model of your face and head.

Apple patent for TrueDepth

Diagram from Apple’s TrueDepth patent (Image credit: USPTO / Apple)

Our friends at PatentlyApple have images from Apple’s TrueDepth technology patent, and you can see in the diagram what the IR dot projection looks like.

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