Things we wish we knew before we started Dave The Diver

Things we wish we knew before we started Dave The Diver

Dave The Diver is a restaurant simulation game that brings the love of sushi to a fully explorable deep sea playground, a place where you, the enthusiastic diver, must find new breeds for your thriving fish joint. During the day, you cross the bottomless Blue Hole and look for rare types of marine fish. But at night, you partake in the hottest seafood on the docks, where mini-games and business management shape the future of your career.

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Of course, to lay the foundation for an award-winning sushi restaurant, you need to understand how the sushi business works. But to get your flippers on the ladder and rush to the top of the food chain, you need to take these important tips into consideration before starting your journey.


Keep track of your oxygen levels

Dave The Diver Dave explores shallow water

Every time you venture into Blue hole, you will notice a circle indicating your current oxygen level in the lower left corner. As you begin your journey, you’re going to want it keep an extra sharp eye on thisas losing too much oxygen will cause all progress to be lost.

If you can help it, try to stay as close to the Escape Pod as possible, as this will be your trip out of the Blue Hole once you’ve caught enough fish and completed all your objectives. Until you have acquired better diving equipment a little deeper into the game, you should aims to stay in the shallow water to avoid failing in your goals.

Don’t dive too deep

Dave The Diver Dave shoots a harpoon at big fish

It’s no secret that the bottom of the ocean harbors some of the deadliest creatures in the world, making you, the harpoon-wielding diver, one of lowest ranked creatures in the food chain. And until you’ve mastered the basics and completed enough opening quests, you probably want to steer clear of the darker depths of the Blue Hole.

The good news is that the shallow water still has lots of quality creatures and resources to collect. Even if you’re not going to make a mint out of the fish that hug the shore, you definitely will collect a decent amount of gold to get the sushi restaurant up and running. As you earn more gold, you’ll be able to embark on more advanced expeditions that take you further into the Blue Hole.

Dave The Diver Adds items to the menu

When day turns to night and the only thing left to do is prepare for the shift at Bancho Sushiyou will eventually get the chance to create your menu, which you shall serve for one night and one night only. To maximize your intake during these shifts, you must add as many items to the menu as possible.

In Dave The Diver, every fish has a value, which can usually be determined by its weight and rarity. So make sure to do it during the day collect a variety of fish and not just the one type. As important as it is to have enough of a dish, you should aim to occupy every space on the menu to give your customers a greater choice. Plus, the more lanes you have to sell, the more gold you will make during your shift. The more gold you have, the better upgrades you can afford.

Master the art of green tea

Dave The Diver Dave serves food at a restaurant

One of the best ways to make some extra gold on the site is to pour the perfect cup of green tea. You can serve these to customers during your night shifts at Bancho Sushi. As you will understand quite quickly, perfectly poured cups will give you a large sum of goldwhile cups that are either overflowing or below the measuring line will reward you with next to nothing.

Of course, there’s a lot more to keeping Bancho Sushi afloat than knowing how to brew a pot of green tea, but it definitely goes a long way. Therefore, if you can learn to tip the correct amount into each cup and master the art, then you will make lots of extra coins to help you with further upgrades in iDiver app on the phone.

Notice your top sellers

Dave The Diver Bancho Suishi Stats Screen

At the end of each shift at Bancho Sushi you will be presented with a statistics screen. Here you will be able to see which dish was your overall Top selleras well as the amount of gold that this particular dish raked in. You would like that note this numberand decide if it is worth hunting the same fish the next day to increase the profit.

Chances are you may have found a hidden cash cow down in the Blue Hole, and if you don’t keep track of the name and valuethen you can only shoot yourself in the foot. It is important to remember what it is you are chasing and what it is worth. You can keep track of the fish you have caught by checking the fish tank at the end of each dive. Remember, you can only dive twice per day: in the morning and in the afternoon.

Don’t forget to use your phone

Dave The Diver mobile phone with mission log

After you wipe up the opening objectives in the prologue, you will receive one mmobile phone, which you can use to check out a variety of useful apps and features before a dive. You will want to check yours To-do list and yours Emails before you set off on a dive, as these can give you a general idea of ​​which fish to look out for during the dive.

You can also use the phone for contact your friends, which can provide you with additional information about the tasks. As you progress further into the story, you will unlock more features on your phoneincluding iDiver appwhich allows you to upgrade your equipment.

Watch out for yellow treasure chests

Dave Dave the diver finds a treasure chest

It’s one thing to look for the different breeds of fish when exploring the Blue Hole, but you should too keep your eyes up for buried treasure too. Yellow chestsfor example can be found in hidden areas quite low in the Blue Hole, and can often reward you with weapons, items and gold just to unlock them.

If you find yourself exploring any kind of unusual area when diving, be sure to look for hidden treasures. Chances are, the best items will be hidden behind seaweed or some other type of plant.

Upgrade your diving suit

Dave The Diver upgrades diving suit in mobile phone

Generally, the best fish are lower down. The problem is, without quality Plunge suit, you won’t be able to dive deep enough to find them. Therefore, to get the best items, fish and resources in the game, you have to upgrade your wetsuit, which allows you to go lower down into the Blue Hole. You can do this by opening the iDiver app on your mobile phone.

Of course, as you progress, you must also upgrade Cargo box and yours Oxygen tank. Ideally, you will distribute your gold equallyand be sure to keep each section of your iDiver app filled out to make diving easier.

Even though your wetsuit will take you much longer, you still want to do it need a solid oxygen tank to keep you alive and breathing in the lower depths. The cargo box, on the other hand, only serves to give you more space for your fish and resources. You want to max out all of these upgrades to make your time down in the Blue Hole not only easier, but also worth the dive.

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