press release

Since its release in July, developers from 3R GAME has provided regular updates for Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street, and they’re back at it again just in time for the holidays. Give your players new features, additional content and updates to existing ones for free.

Thief Simulator VR | Update #7: Gran Thief Auto:

Building on the previous update where photo montage was introduced, developer 3R GAMES is now introducing a new Junkyard area, a place where players can now sell dismantled car parts. Now players have the ability to customize their own car to their liking, which brings some personalization features to the game. Last but not least, a new car has been added to the minigame that can be dismantled and a trampoline item that many players will enjoy trying their hand at, building on the interactivity of the game.

A major graphics update is coming which will provide a clear division between day and night, as well as improved shaders to improve the player experience. Furthermore, a new 3D sound system will be implemented that will allow better detection of nearby NPCs, improving the stealth of the player while hunting the neighborhood for loot. This will be further supplemented by a simplified “Quality of Life” update that improves scanning NPC routines that will provide additional stealth and reduce the chances of being seen. The hacking feature has also been significantly improved to enhance the player experience.

One of the more practical updates coming is allowing multiple profiles on a single device as well as a cloud save which will definitely make it easier to switch between players and allow multiple household users to play on their own accounts.

3R GAMES has continued to provide updates and they have no intention of stopping, providing new and existing players with new content. They are also working on new areas and unique content that will be available to those who own the Quest 2 version of the game.