These can and wine containers will up your fridge game

These can and wine containers will up your fridge game

Most of us were shaped by very special cultural moments in childhood. Of the many who influenced me, MTV Cribs is one that has truly endured in my unconscious; more specifically, the moment when one pop superstar would open her fridge and display dozens or even hundreds of beautiful, perfectly placed cans or bottles of their favorite beverages. I remember thinking, Damn, it must be great to be rich and always be able to reach for a cold Mr. Pibb (or whatever it was).

As I got older, the financial realities of adulthood set in, and I became accustomed not to abundance, but to having only one (or, frankly, even zero) of my favorite streams in the fridge. After years of disappointment, however, I made an important realization: You don’t have to be rich to have a well-organized, celebrity-worthy refrigerator. You just have to plan a little ahead.

The luxury of having a bunch of things you love in the fridge at all times cannot be overstated. Now, in my life of universal brain, I have three plastic drink dispensers on the bottom shelf, because life is too short not to have a cold one on deck at all times. One has La Croix Pure (aka the best taste, sorry haters); one has different tastes of Spin drift; and one has N/A beer—usually Athletic brewing– for when I don’t feel like hitting the sauce (or if I’m having a low-key hang with the boys, I fill it up with Miller High Life). I thought setting this up might make my fridge feel like an office or a car dealership, but it’s quite the opposite: I just feel the deep joy of having a kitchen that’s filled with things I love and want to drink every day .

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$19.99$18.99 on Amazon

$14.99$11.87 on Amazon

This set of four drink dispensers on Amazon, nearly 10,000 reviews average a whopping 4.8 out of five stars. You can’t buy that kind of praise – it has to come organically, probably from a bunch of people who were raised on it MTV Cribs and grew up to live incredible lives. Do you only have room for one board? For about the price of a Chipotle burrito with chips and guac, you can take your fridge to the next level by scoring one single container on 20% discount.

And guess what? They also make them into wine! Tired of jamming bottles of your favorite sparkling Lambrusco between loose ingredients and foil-wrapped leftover pizza? (On that note, maybe also invest in some better food storage containers.) Trying to force tonight’s pet-nat into the freezer at a weird angle on top of frozen fish? Brother, just make some space in the fridge and carefully place one small wine rack in there (there should be some room on Mr. Pibb’s shelf), and Think ahead for once, fill it with a couple of bottles you might want to enjoy this weekend or beyond. Who says you need a bougie wine fridge? (Literally mebut that’s another conversation.)

If you spend some money now, who knows where you will end up in the future? You can’t make the cut too MTV Cribs, but at least you’ll be known far and wide (among your friends) for always having cold La Croix and High Life to hand out. In my opinion it is genuine fame.

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