These 8 Massachusetts Blockchain Startups Are Changing The Crypto Industry – Bitcoin (BTC/USD), Ethereum (ETH/USD)

These 8 Massachusetts Blockchain Startups Are Changing The Crypto Industry – Bitcoin (BTC/USD), Ethereum (ETH/USD)

Blockchain companies maintain a decentralized and secure record of financial transactions for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin BTC/USD and Ethereum ETH/USD. Blockchains are sometimes referred to as DLTs (Distributed Ledger Technology), and all blockchain digital assets are transparent and immutable.

While the blockchain industry is still relatively young, there are already powerhouses such as Coinbase Global Inc COIN, having generated $7.8 billion by 2021, and has a current market cap of $13 billion. Other major players in the blockchain industry include Monex Group, headquartered in Japan, and BIT Mining, based in Hong Kong.

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Now comes a chance to hear the best thought leaders in crypto, at Benzinga’s Future of Crypto event. This year’s conference will be held at Pier Sixty – Manhattan’s largest waterfront venue – and will feature speakers who Greg Solano (aka Gargamel), Josh Ongco-founder and partner with Bored Room Ventures, and Lule DemmissieCEO of eToro USA.

The Future of Crypto event will start on December 7, 2022, at 8:00 AM ET. If you’re in Massachusetts, it’s just a train ride away, as the Amtrak 173 Northeast Regional line departs from Boston at 11:16, arriving in NYC on December 6 at 15:22, one day before the event.

In the meantime, here are 8 great blockchain startups to watch in Massachusetts.


Located in Acton, Massachusetts, Jassby is a debit card for families. Jassby allows you to manage chores and send allowance money to your children. The company encourages parents to empower their children with Jassby.

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Basic units

Foundation Devices builds Bitcoin-centric tools, including the Passport hardware wallet and the Envoy mobile app. Launched in 2020, Foundation Devices makes decentralized technologies available to everyone. Foundation Devices is based in Boston.


PAYMYNT is a next-generation commerce application that integrates digital banking, shopping and cryptocurrencies into one platform. PAYMYNT allows digital currency and blockchain technologies to play a greater role in the future of finance. PAYMYNT is headquartered in the Boston metropolitan area.


Founded in 2017 and located in Boston, Arwen provides protection for traders on cryptocurrency exchanges. Arwen runs on a non-custodial protocol, which means there is no risk of being hacked.


PureStake provides API and infrastructure services for next-generation proof-of-stake blockchain networks. The PureStake IaaS platform provides reliable uptime using superior architecture and security operations. PureStake is based in Boston.


CoinMover offers digital currency services at retail locations across the United States. You can buy or sell cryptocurrency on any CoinMover machine with just a smartphone wallet app or cash in as little as 90 seconds. CoinMover is headquartered in Boston.

Skynet Labs

Based in Boston, Skynet Labs builds uncompromising blockchain infrastructure for the decentralized internet. This includes Skynet, an open protocol for hosting data and web applications. Skynet apps pave the way for a new network that prioritizes the privacy, security and experience of users.


Located in Quincy, Massachusetts, QUBIC is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs by providing practical business solutions. QUBIC is committed to building an ecosystem of entrepreneurs who will make commerce and government more efficient, effective and innovative. QUBIC was founded in 2019.

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For more information and to get tickets now, visit Benzinga Future of Crypto website.

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