TheraICE RX headache cap provides immediate relief for migraines

TheraICE RX headache cap provides immediate relief for migraines

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If you have ever had such severe pain from one headache or migraine that you’ve resorted to putting an ice pack from the fridge on your forehead, I’ve got news for you. There is a much easier and simpler hack for immediate relief: TheraICE RX headache cap. I found it during my daily scrolls through Amazon (only shopping editor stuff) and honestly, I’m about to add one to my cart the next moment I’m in too much discomfort to wait for the pain meds to kick in .

The wearable hat (or mask, depending on how you want it) has a unique 360-degree form-fitting designn that can be pulled over the eyes, face and entire head to quickly relieve eye, cranial and facial tension from migraines. According to the brand, the soft gel component won’t put pressure on specific areas of concern like a hard ice pack, making it perfect for laying on the bed or couch.

All you have to do is freeze relief hat in a zip bag (every purchase comes with one) for a minimum of two hours before use. When you put it on, you’ll immediately notice how the gel adapts to the shape of your head, providing cold compression without feeling too tight on your face or irritating your skin.



With over 13,000 five-star ratings, it really must be the “game changer for migraines” as one reviewer referred to it as. Just feast your eyes on this glowing statement from someone who gets migraines “at least three times a month” that “last 12 hours and make you physically sick.”

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“This is a game changer,” they wrote. “If I can take medicine at the start of a migraine and put this on, it definitely helps knock out migraines faster. I’m going to buy two more so I can have a few on rotation at home, and I can also keep one at work. Don’t hesitate to buy this if you suffer from migraines!”

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Another fan called it their “only solution for migraines,” after experiencing “one of the worst … of their lives.” They wrote, “prescription and OTC migraine meds have never worked for me and I usually just ride it out. I had been using regular ice packs and taking painkillers all day without the slightest sense of relief. As soon as this was delivered, I popped it in in the freezer for two hours and had relief within 15 minutes of wearing it.”

Tired of being in pain when a headache occurs? Me too. Pick one up TheraICE RX headache cap while it’s on sale for $35 on Amazon.

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