The Wire claims its secure email account was hacked by hacking a MacBook

The Wire claims its secure email account was hacked by hacking a MacBook

After communist propaganda portal The Wire claimed that its ‘tech expert’ Devesh Kumar’s email account was allegedly compromised, founder Siddharth Varadarajan rushed to Twitter again to claim that now their ProtonMail account had been hacked.

In a tweet, Siddharth Varadarajan wrote: “Alert A protonmail address The Wire uses has been hacked via hacking a MacBook. Do not respond to mail from [email protected]”

Siddharth claimed that The Wire’s email account was hacked by hacking a MacBook. It is noteworthy that MacBook is an Apple product known for its privacy and security features. On the other hand, ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service and it claims to be the world’s largest secure email provider. Therefore, it raises questions about how a secure email account was hacked through a secure device.

After these tweets from The Wire editor, several social media users pointed out that this was all a lie.

Social media user Surya Kanegaonkar wrote: “Soon you’ll be saying your own Twitter account was hacked and Andy has tweeted instead of you.”

Popular Twitter user Rishi Bagree wrote: “Cutting the cord can help!!”

Several people said that the “hacking” story was written by The Wire to get out of the mess it had gotten itself into, since they can now say that they lost all their data to hacking, and therefore cannot prove the Meta story. Likewise, the “hacking” of Devesh Kumar’s email and Twitter accounts means he doesn’t have to respond to people asking for clarification on the story. Notably, a large number of people who are experts in the field, many of whom are not actually supporters of the BJP, are not buying the Wire story and have questioned them and exposed loopholes in their claims.

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Journalist Chandra R. Srikanth wrote: “Hey, I guess the endgame here is that we got hacked and lost access to everything.”

Another journalist noted that with the “hacking” The Wire won’t have access to anything now.

Another user wrote: “Hmm let me guess you’re going to lose data, fake emails etc etc come up with better lies your whole meta story seems rotten I expected this excuse before 2 days”

Earlier in the day, Siddharth Varadarajan took to Twitter and shared that the email account of the ‘technology expert’ on the left-wing propaganda website was hacked. In another tweet, Siddharth shared that the Twitter account of its ‘tech expert’ was also hacked. Well-known Twitter user Keh Ke Pehno took a jab at Siddharth and wrote, “just to be on the safer side, I would advise you, @thewire_in and all your staff to deactivate all your accounts from the internet for a while. By a time I mean 10-15 years.”

Notably, on October 15, the Meta vs Wire saga took a new twist after The Wire published a “rebuttal” to Meta’s claim that the alleged Left Portal reveal was based on fabricated evidence. In its rebuttal, The Wire made several claims to justify the disclosure. However, most of their claims raised even more questions regarding the authenticity of the evidence presented by them.

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The Wire has claimed that the NDA-led central government of India has been provided by Meta (Facebook and Instagram’s parent company) with sweeping powers to remove all content from its platform(s). To prove their point, The Wire provided “evidence” of a post that was removed within minutes of its publication, when it was flagged by Bharatiya Janata Party IT cell chief Amit Malviya.

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