The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the new game have already enjoyed the world of Streets of Rage 2 thanks to the stingy hack

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the new game have already enjoyed the world of Streets of Rage 2 thanks to the stingy hack


A new game about Ninja Turtles, about Shredder’s revenge, was released, when it was taken apart for resources and inserted into a hack for another, no less famous, game. And of course we are talking about the Streets of Rage 2 fans who play and love.

The author of the hack, savokgear, has passed all seven characters including Leo, Mikey, Raph, Donnie, Splinter, April and Casey Jones from TMNT Shredders Revenge to Streets of Rage 2, all with their special moves and attacks. Dedications made up all the sours in the new turtle game. Yes, even the voice acting was successfully adapted for a 16-bit game! Not the whole truth, but it’s not for the squeamish, so it’s true. You can see this hack below.

The author was not too lazy for this game to be rewritten. So after the death of Mr. X, who was eliminated by the main characters of Streets of Rage, in the person of Axel, Blaze, Max and Sammy, a vacuum has formed in the city of a frightened desire to acquire power. And, as you might guess, it was captured by Shredder himself and Krang. And, as you understand this, the amutant Ninja Turtles take the stage with their friends, on the night of April, ONeil and Casey Jones, who also teaches Splinter, to stop Shredder and Krang and return to the tyranny of the city.

There are also many changes. And they all relate to their characters too, very sound design, color palette and many others, but the level remained untouched. You just see the old levels from Streets of Rage 2 and they fight their enemies and play with the turtles. Here we see the full list of changes.

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There are changes to the map.

It replaced all the main characters, all the enemies and all the bosses. Added shading to the characters. Some enemies have new attacks that surprise experienced players. Characters replaced: Raph, Leo, Donnie, Mikey, April ONeil, Splinter and Casey Jones. All playable characters jump more while running. The original version of TMNT Shredders Revenge is for character attacks. Jagles are both playable characters and enemies. The player quickly recovers from being hit by pressing a jump after hitting the ground. The drive command (Forward, Forward) has become much more sensitive. All characters can run retaliatory special attacks. Added support for 6-button gamepad. Uppercut is now assigned to the Y button on the gamepad. Disabled pets get hurt. Add new sounds to playable characters and enemies. There was a new story line for this game. The title screen was changed. The entire screen explaining the action of the game was completely changed. For the first time in SoR2 hacking, the ability to switch from normal to turbo game mode was added. Added turbo game mode, which can be enabled in the settings.

If the new game about Ninja Turtles was not enough for you, then I recommend that you try this hack. You can download it here. Have fun!

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