The Smurfs partner with ZenGo to enter the Web3 realm

The Smurfs partner with ZenGo to enter the Web3 realm

The Smurfs, one of the world’s most famous and recognized brands, are joining Web3 and have decided to use ZenGo as their wallet of choice. ZenGo will make this process safe and easy by ensuring a seamless, error-free onboarding process – whether users are new to Web3 or native crypto natives. The Smurfs’ Society will introduce longtime fans to their first blockchain gaming experience, and ZenGo will make it possible.

ZenGo is a mobile, non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. It dispenses with the use of private keys in favor of threshold signatures to generate two “mathematical secret shares”; one of these shares is kept on your mobile device and the other is kept on their servers. As a result, there is no single point of failure and there is no chance of irrevocably losing your money in case your wallet is lost or hacked. It’s an exciting new approach to getting rid of seed sentences, and it works pretty well.

Make ZenGo the best partner for the Smurfs’ foray into Web3

The use of blockchain technology in gaming could usher in a whole new era of ownership, control and empowerment. Every player has the potential to uncover a deeper level of value than ever before by collecting, buying, trading and creating NFTs. Despite all of Web3’s assurances that users will retain self-storage and control over their data, the ecosystem itself contains a large number of security flaws.

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The majority of cryptocurrency wallets do a poor job of helping customers protect their assets, resulting in $3 billion worth of cryptocurrencies being hacked or stolen in Web3 transactions in 2022. In light of this, the Smurfs’ Society team determined that ZenGo is the best wallet for them to use.

Speaking about the partnership, the Smurfs’ Society Team said: “We’re excited to partner with ZenGo as the only self-storage wallet powered by MPC instead of private keys. Given ZenGo’s security features, including no seed phrase vulnerability and a built-in Web3 firewall, ZenGo was the obvious choice to protect our community from fraudulent transactions. This set ZenGo far apart from other wallets, making ZenGo the best partner for the Smurfs’ first foray into Web3.”

Creating a Game-Changing Blockchain Gaming Experience

The Smurfs are one of the first established brands to dive into Web3 with their own game, despite the fact that several blockchain games have seen a surge in popularity since the year 2021. The Smurfs have paved the way for other businesses to engage with consumers through a sense of real ownership in developing a game that already has an audience excited about it. The Smurfs make it possible for all players to feel like they are part of the community by including NFTs in the game.

Smurfs players will be able to enjoy completing quests, brewing potions and freeing the Smurfs from the clutches of evil without having to go through the typically complex process of boarding a Web3 game. ZenGo clients will also have the opportunity to save the smurfs from Gargamel while claiming a unique free NFT through their wallet, receive NFT airdrops for game resources, view and manage them in their NFT galleries and have fun with all these features.

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Additionally, using a ZenGo wallet to sell your NFTs or trade potions is one of the easiest things a player can ever do in this game. This is consistent with one of the core ideas not only of blockchain games, but also of Web3 in general, and that premise is ownership and decentralization. Society, unlike the companies alone, ultimately becomes the owner of the content it values.

The world’s biggest brands are now decentralizing

Over the past year, we have seen a large number of well-known household brands and celebrities establish their very own experiences on Web3 and introduce crypto to their devoted followers. Starbucks has long run a loyalty program for caffeine addicts. Recently, however, Starbucks created a loyalty program called Starbucks Odyssey with Polygon to reward customers with digital collectibles.

This program focuses on sustainability. In the spring of last year, Louis Vuitton released a new NFT game for its customers who want to own digital LV products in the Metaverse. At the same time, Budweiser released a collection of 1936 digital cans to commemorate the year the company was founded. ZenGo is recognized as the logical choice for businesses looking to make the transition to Web3, while keeping it simple for users with no cryptocurrency experience.

This is because ZenGo will enter into several exciting partnerships with leading global brands over the next few months. Companies launching with ZenGo can onboard their customers to Web3 easily and securely as ZenGo is the most secure cryptocurrency wallet available. It is self-managing, powered by MPC, and there is no seed phrase vulnerability.

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