The new Apple Watch Ultra is now cheaper if you shop at Amazon

The new Apple Watch Ultra is now cheaper if you shop at Amazon

The all-new Apple Watch Ultra was only revealed in September, but it’s already received a very rare discount that makes it a bit more affordable to own. Anyone looking to own this latest wearable can head to stores including Amazon or where they’ll find things reduced to £819.

While still quite expensive, it’s cheaper than buying this device direct from Apple with the US tech giant charging £849 – that’s £30 more.

You can see Amazon Apple Watch discount here.

For anyone not already aware, the Watch Ultra includes a completely revamped design with a larger screen and rugged titanium finish. Along with being tougher, this new look also helps it survive going deeper underwater with the Ultra fully capable of going to a depth of 50 meters.

The larger display is also now brighter than anything Apple has released before, and it will continue to shine for longer thanks to a larger battery hidden under the shell. In fact, you can get almost three days of use before it needs a refill.

Other exclusive features on the Watch Ultra include a larger digital crown that makes it easier to grip when wearing gloves, and there’s a new action button on the side. This is customizable with one tap and takes you straight to your favorite apps and services.

There’s also a louder speaker and SOS alarm to attract attention, and for those who like a bit of adventure, there’s a completely redesigned Compass app that displays more in-depth information including latitude, longitude, altitude and elevation.

New straps also arrived alongside the watch with owners able to choose which accessories suit the type of activity they’re engaging in – this should mean the watch stays locked to their wrists no matter what it goes through.

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Finally, those who enjoy diving may find this Apple Watch a useful upgrade with a new depth gauge and a new depth app. This shows time, current depth, water temperature, duration underwater and maximum depth reached. Users can even program the new action button to instantly launch the Depth app.

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Although Apple doesn’t offer cash on devices like the Watch Ultra, the company has launched a number of offers that give customers free gift cards.

Right now, Apple’s big shopping event is handing out free vouchers when customers buy certain devices with up to £250 back depending on what’s in their baskets.

This money can then be spent on other Apple products and could mean fans get a free pair of noise-cancelling AirPods Pros (£249) or reduce the price of iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.

The biggest gift card incentive is available on the MacBook, with Apple giving £250 back when you buy a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini or an iMac.

Along with that deal, there’s also £75 back when you buy a pair of AirPods or £50 available on certain smartphones – including the iPhone 13. The same £50 gift card can also be picked up when you buy an Apple Watch or iPad.

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