The most absurd villains in My Hero Academia

The most absurd villains in My Hero Academia

For someone who is only a student (with a brand new Quirk to boot), Izuku Midoriya has certainly had his share of battles against advanced villains, and surprisingly lives to tell the tale. Oddly enough though, Deku’s toughest fight is often overlooked.

Gentle Criminal and La Brava make a fleeting appearance in My Hero Academiabut according to Deku, they are the strongest opponents he has ever faced. The trio have their big fight in Season 4, Episode 21, right before the UA School Festival is about to start (which is supposed to be boyfriend Eri’s first big outing).


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You’ve been hit by – a slick criminal

Danjuro Tobita prefers to go by the more mysterious moniker of Gentle Criminal, which is a pretty apt description of his underrated Quirk (and personality type as well.) As a passionate creator of video content, Gentle Criminal makes sure to add a dramatic, flamboyant flair to his attacks, and for a lover of peace, he is a surprisingly formidable combatant. Danjuro’s Quirk projects elastic properties onto any inanimate object he touches, creating a significantly unstable landscape for his opponent to navigate through.

The highly intelligent Gentle Criminal greatly increases his mobility and speed after bouncing off the carefully placed elastic air trampolines, which also act as shields against an unsuspecting assailant. By creating multiple invisible barriers, Danjuro can trap his enemy in a “Gently Sandwich”, giving him the perfect opportunity to escape. He seems to be fully aware of where all of his elastic traps are placed, best not to get caught in his own transparent barriers.

The power of love

La Brava was once a sweet and innocent girl who went by the name Manami Aiba, but her world was turned upside down when she first saw Gentle Criminal. Determined to also follow a villainous path, one wonders how Love could thwart his potential enemies, but even the great All For One would be blessed to have little La Brava on his team!

Manami’s hacking talents are so good that many initially assume it has something to do with the Quirk, but these are all learned skills! La Brava’s special abilities make her the ultimate support character, as her Quirk massively boosts her beloved’s power levels (as long as her love is true.) The greater the girl’s devotion, the more significant the boost, but they would be ineffective if La Brava’s affinity is questionable .

A gentle glow up

True to his villainous name, Danjuro is consistently a perfect gentleman, even in the midst of conflict, and he is always up for a cup of tea! Unlike Saiko Intelli, his tea-drinking obsession has no greater value than adding some style and sophistication to his videos; and becomes a kind of calling card to provide clues about the target’s location. From a young age, Danjuro wanted to be a hero, but his lackluster performance at school led to him being ostracized. The distraught young man gave up on his dreams and tried his luck at villainy and technically got it right this time (although Shigaraki is unlikely to agree!)

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As the most lax, (oops!) calm villain in My Hero Academia, the Gentle Criminal’s new goal in life seems to have more to do with getting subscribers that cause a lot of damage. Some of his biggest offenses include breaking and entering or obstructing justice (while making sure to get it all on camera, of course!) La Brava makes the perfect sidekick with his passive Quirk and keen tech skills, and has been a huge help in editing and editing. uploads large amounts of video footage.

Deku’s toughest opponents

The only reason Gentle Criminal and La Brava pose any sort of threat during the school festival arc is because all the heroes have been on high alert since All Might’s retirement. Villains have come out of the woodwork and started playing out, and even holding a festival in the first place is a huge risk. To quell concerns, Principle Nezu instituted the rule that any suspicious disturbances would result in the event being shut down immediately, much to poor Eri’s dismay. Gentle Criminal and La Brava had no idea of ​​the commotion they would cause, but knew it would probably get a lot of attention!

The duo of criminals pull out all the stops as they attempt to bypass Deku and set foot on the school grounds, and for a while it looks like they might just succeed. Deku is forced to reveal some epic moves of his own and eventually lands the winning blow with his St. Louis Smash. After their exciting battle, Deku told Danjuro that he is officially the toughest opponent he has faced (so far), which is a grand statement to make considering he had recently fought against the sheer power of Overhaul.

While getting the better of the Gentle Criminal may have been a particularly difficult feat, many fans believe that Deku’s main match was an emotional one (who’s surprised?), or that he was simply trying to boost Danjuro’s ego out of pity. As an overly empathetic young man, Deku often finds himself sympathizing with others, be they friend or foe, and he could completely relate to the rejection that Danjuro faced for most of his life. The bond between this criminal and La Brava is so sweet and pure that everyone’s heartstrings feel a massive tug during their tearful separation, as this devoted makeshift little family is too sweet to be separated. As a final act of love, Danjuro convinces the authorities that he brainwashed the young girl into becoming his accomplice in the hope that she would receive a lighter sentence than him.

Season 6 of My Hero Academia is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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