The Morning After: YouTube is the new home of NFL Sunday Ticket

The Morning After: YouTube is the new home of NFL Sunday Ticket

YouTube is ready for a little more football. The streaming service has acquired the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket package, which provides access to out-of-market games broadcast on Fox and CBS every Sunday. DirecTV, the current home of the Sunday Ticket, has held the rights since 1994, but the package will move to Google’s streaming service next season. YouTube and the NFL did not announce the terms of the deal, but according to Wall Street Journal, YouTube will pay $2 billion a year in a seven-year pact — about $500 million more per season than what DirecTV pays.

Having exclusive rights to a bundle of many off-market NFL games should draw even more users to YouTube. Live sports coverage is becoming the next battleground for streaming. Amazon Prime Video has an 11-year deal to stream Thursday Night Football games that started this season. Meanwhile, Apple is pushing further into live sports as well, with a 10-year deal to stream all Major League Soccer games via Apple TV starting in 2023.

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Tis the season to be done with social media. For Facebook, Instagram, and other Meta-powered services, it’s also not necessarily easy to delete an account entirely, without a single, centralized way to delete all of your Meta-related accounts. We’ll walk you through how to download all your data and clean up after yourself digitally, in case you need something fun to do over the holidays.

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Because of course it was.

Password management app Lastpass announced Thursday that its latest hack was much more damaging than first reported. The attackers made off with users’ password vaults in some cases — that is, entire collections of encrypted personal data, if not the immediate method of unlocking it. “No customer data was accessed during the August 2022 incident,” explained LastPass CEO Karim Toubba. However, some of the app’s source code was lifted and then used to get a Lastpass employee to give up his access credentials, these keys were then used to decrypt and copy off “some storage volumes in the cloud-based storage service.” This data may include basic customer account information such as company name, billing, email and IP addresses and phone numbers.

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I preferred the flamethrower.



The latest confusing peripheral from Tesla has nothing to do with cars – although it is inspired by the boxy angles of the Cybertruck. It’s a wireless charger that can charge multiple compatible devices, with a suede finish and a small Tesla logo on the edge. It’s also $300. You can buy a new phone for it, or subscribe to Twitter Blue for over two years.

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