The Huawei 3D Face Recognition feature is better than ever

The Huawei 3D Face Recognition feature is better than ever

Huawei has a good hand in the privacy and security field. It is constantly improving the system with reflective features. But in recent times, Huawei 3D face recognition is a feature that has become more impressive and fun.

Just like mathematics and physics, device security is a tough and serious subject. But Huawei has made this topic quite interesting and beneficial for the users. Huawei has given a new definition to the term “privacy” with the 3D facial recognition feature.

Do you know how many ways you can unlock your smartphone? If you have ever checked, you would have found two main concepts – fingerprint ID and facial recognition. Today we discuss how this common facial recognition took an improved avatar.

What is 3D Face Recognition?

Huawei introduced the 3D face verification feature to make the phone safer and more secure. It is understood that the respective function takes the help of your face to protect the device from prying eyes.

I even thought how this face feature can unlock my device. After thorough research, I arrived at some crucial points and the ideology behind this technique.

In general, 3D face recognition relies on depth-sensing technology. Furthermore, it forms a three-dimensional structure of your face and uses it to determine your identity. Alternatively, this technology stores the 3D shape of your face in memory.

Huawei 3D Face Recognition

Now every time you try to unlock your phone using this feature, it will remember your identity and give you access to your device. On the other hand, you can use this feature not only to unlock, but in many different ways.

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For example, you can attempt transactions and set an app lock for a specific application. And you know what the best part is? You can even use this feature in the dark or at night.

Much better than 2D recognition

It is worth mentioning that the advanced 3D face recognition is far better than the 2D feature. Unlike two-dimensional ones, 3D features are tougher to hit and more secure.

Tough means, no third party apps or even the first party can access your face data. It is well encrypted and stores your relevant essentials in a protected system. Moreover, you have the right to choose the sections where you want to use this function.

How to set up 3D face recognition on your Huawei phone?

If you are a selfie lover, it will be quite easy for you to set this feature. All you need is to take the phone in your hands and place it at such an angle that it can cover your entire face. To proceed, you can follow the steps below:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Select the Lock and password section
  • Tap on the Biometrics and Password option
  • Select Face Recognition
  • Scan your face in a well-lit area.

Huawei 3D Face Recognition

Points to note:

This face feature will refuse to work in brighter environments. Therefore, avoid direct sunlight while setting this function. Do not wear accessories (cloth, sunglasses, masks, thick make-up) while performing this function. Make sure your entire face is visible in the frame. Don’t close your eyes.

Apart from that, the feature is a wonderful addition to the security system. It’s a perfect feature to keep your device safe until it meets your doppelganger.

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