The healthiest characters in Overwatch 2

The healthiest characters in Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment’s beloved hero shooter Overwatch 2 is heavily focused on its world building and lore, despite currently only being a multiplayer game with no story campaign. Each character, either a member of the heroic Overwatch or linked to the terrorist organization Talon, has its own individual personality, detailed backstories and exciting dialogue.

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Through beautifully animated shorts, in-game voice lines and insightful cartoons, Overwatch 2 subtly alludes to its overarching narrative. Some characters are inherently evil, but others are completely good, with hearts of gold. As a result, the healthiest characters in Overwatch 2 sure to warm players’ hearts.


7/7 TS-1 (Robot On The Push Game Mode)

Overwatch 2, Push, TS-1 Robot

The push game mode was introduced alongside Overwatch 2its release, replacing the 2CP mode entirely. Many players dread seeing the Push game mode pop up on the screen when queuing and would like to “Alt-F4”. The best feature of this game mode is definitely TS-1, the barricade pushing robot surprisingly has tons of personality.

TS-1 has some adorably healthy interactions, like saying hi when players wave and using the hi gesture to him while their team controls the barricade. When he reaches a checkpoint that indicates the forward spawn points, he will momentarily pause and elegantly scratch his rear before pushing forward again. During team fights, TS-1 will also say, “Can’t we all just get along?”

6/7 Sombra

Overwatch 2, Sombra

Being part of Talon’s terrorist organization as an operative and all-round ruthless character, many players wouldn’t expect hacking extraordinaire Sombra to have a softer side. Although she comes across as cold-hearted and likes to antagonize other characters, she shows a clear fondness and affection for Sigma, the eccentric scientist and fellow Talon member.

With the in-game dialogue, it’s clear that Sombra cares a lot about Sigma and wants to protect him from the cruelty of Moira’s brutal experiments. In an interaction, Sombra says that Sigma should come to her for help if Talon ever tries anything. Their friendship is healthy to watch, as Sombra is also one of the few characters who doesn’t speak to Sigma in a condescending tone.

5/7 D. Va

Overwatch 2, D.Va

D.Va, aka Hana Song, has long been a fan-favorite character, both in Overwatch lore and the game itself. The gamer girl turned mech hero has plenty of sassy voice lines and her interactions with other characters are sure to make players chuckle while they wait for the game to start.

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D.Va may be just what the name suggests: a diva. In typical gamer fashion, she jokes heartily and boasts that she is better than all the others Overwatch heroes. Despite her pop star status, the ‘Shooting Star’ animation shows D.Va in a more human light. Throughout, she remains humble and not afraid to get her hands dirty while doing everything in her power to protect her home.​

4/7 To reach

Overwatch 2, Ana

It should come as no surprise that Ana Amari is a caring character, considering her status as a supporting hero. Essentially, she is seen as a caretaker for Overwatch and the cool grandma players wish they had. Ana always guides her allies in the right direction and heals them from afar. She also happily helps other heroes get a good night’s sleep with Sleep Dart, whether they like it or not.

With the younger characters, like Kiriko and D.Va, Ana seems to take on the role of their mentor and adoptive mother by giving them advice and telling them to take care of themselves. Even Roadhog refers to her as Nana.

3/7 Orisa

Overwatch 2, Orisa

Alongside her radical abilities, Orisa seems to have undergone a noticeable personality change Overwatch 2. She is no longer the innocent soul she was in the original game. She has instead transformed into a strong omnic warrior destined to be on the front lines of any team fight. She still has a lot of love for her creator, Efi, to whom she will say, “I’m on fire! Is Efi watching?” when she performs well.​

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However, Orisa still has an aura of kindness and childlike wonder, shown by some of her new voice lines and her Winter Wonderland puppy emote. For example, if there’s a Hanzo on her team, she’ll remark that she’s noticed him staring at her and ask if he wants to ride her into battle.​

2/7 Roadhog

Overwatch 2, Roadhog

Appearances can generally be deceiving. Despite Roadhog’s larger-than-life status, criminal status, and gruff voice, he’s a massive softie with a big heart. Roadhog’s Lunar New Year emote is especially cute, as he chuckles while hugging a Pachimari plushie. He even has a cosmetic skin dedicated to his love for them.

Roadhog has bundles of personality, but his interaction with Ana Amari is the most wholesome dialogue in the game. He lovingly says, “Stay out of trouble, Nana,” to which she replies, “as long as you get plenty.” It will be interesting to see how their relationship plays out when Overwatch 2its history campaign has been released.

1/7 Bastion

Overwatch, The Last Bastion animated short

Created as a weapon of mass destruction, no one would have expected Bastion to be one of the healthiest characters in Overwatchits lore. Despite his damage output being pretty underwhelming, Bastian is an adorable non-verbal beeping omnic who boasts plenty of cute interactions with other heroes.

The animated short, The Last Bastion, reveals how Bastion rediscovers the joys of life, such as rainfall and child-like curiosity, and how he meets his feathered friend Ganymede. The cute yellow bird woke Bastion from his mossy slumber, with the pair inseparable ever since, as Ganymede is permanently perched on Bastion’s shoulder.

Overwatch 2 is free to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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