The GTA 6 hacker did not steal assets – will not affect development

The GTA 6 hacker did not steal assets – will not affect development

GTA Online screenshot

Work on GTA 6 has not been interrupted (Image: Rockstar Games)

Rockstar owner Take-Two has said that GTA 6 hack will not affect anything about the game including the release date.

It may have been the biggest hack in video game history, but September’s Grand Theft Auto 6 leak didn’t really reveal much new information. It confirmed some earlier rumors, particularly regarding it being set in Vice City, and fans were able to guess the size of the map, but that was about it.

Considering the hacker responsible is looking at a serious prison sentence, especially when he tried to blackmail Rockstar Games owner Take-Two – to get him to stop releasing more information, it doesn’t really seem like it was worth it.

Take-Two has already said the game won’t be delayed as a result of the hack, and now, speaking to investors, they’ve said no assets were taken – meaning the hacker only got away with videos and not any of the code or the 3D models from the game.

According to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, “There is no evidence that any significant assets were taken.” He added that: “The leak won’t have any impact on development or anything like that.”

What he didn’t do was give any indication of when GTA 6 might be released, with most estimates pointing to 2024 at the earliest and likely much later.

Speaking to investors, Zelnick also updated them on the latest numbers for how many copies Grand Theft Auto 5 has shipped, which now stands at a staggering 170 million copies since 2013.

The British teenager believed to be responsible for the hack was allegedly part of the hacking group Lapsus$ and is accused of using a phone to carry out the hack. Their case has been referred to a higher court, where it will be heard alongside another “similar” charge.

It has not been confirmed what this is, but the same teenager is also believed to have hacked into the networks of Microsoft and Nvidia. They have pleaded not guilty to the current charges of data misuse.

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