The God of War Ragnarök DLC should tell Freyr’s story

The God of War Ragnarök DLC should tell Freyr’s story

God of War: Ragnarök is an epic story with a powerful cast, but one character was set up to have a truly exciting DLC ​​story.

The god of war franchise was originally a powerful tale of revenge conveyed through a hack-and-slash gameplay style that highlighted Kratos’ ruthlessness. When Kratos completed his quest to slay all the gods, it seemed his story was over. However, the 2018s god of war showed that Kratos still has more stories to tell, and with his son Atreus, the two navigated Norse mythology and met many gods such as Freya and Baldur. However, this was only the start of an even bigger adventure.

IN God of War Ragnarök, Kratos’ narrative continues as he tries to help Atreus and hopefully avert the coming war against the Aesir. Unfortunately, this is inevitable and his journey leads him to meet the Vanir god and Freya’s brother, Freyr. Although he wasn’t the focus of the game, Freyr’s story echoes throughout the story, and his adventures and abilities are just as interesting as Kratos. As a result, Freyr’s past is set to be the perfect DLC content for Ragnarök.

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Freyr’s adventure is the perfect side story

God of War Ragnarok Freyr Temple

Freyr, in Norse mythology, was the god of rain and fertility and brother of Freya. His story was expanded further into God of War Ragnarök, which had him cast as a general against the Aesir in his home realm of Vanaheim. Freyr lived a rough life against the Aesir after he was burned for allegedly teaching the Aesir his Vanir magic poorly. Although this was not the case, the war that spawned from it forced Freya to marry Odin in hopes of a truce. Unfortunately, the war continued, and Freyr’s enmity towards Asgard grew. But before these tragic events, Freyr was a beloved adventurer who was one of the few gods welcomed by the elves of Alfheim. In fact, he was so respected that the elves built a statue in his honor. Freyr even fell in love with a Jotun woman and gave up his sentient sword, Ingrid, to be with her.

While these stories are small in the grand scheme of things, they are a great template for a DLC narrative. Not only would players get to explore other realms at a different time in history, but they would also see the Aesir at their worst. What would begin as a fun adventure story would end in a painful war story, ending with players leaving Freyr to fight a seemingly endless battle until Kratos and Freya arrive. That said, a compelling story isn’t the only thing Freyr’s character has to offer.

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Freyr offers many new game possibilities

God of War Ragnarok Freyr and Freya

God of War Ragnarök proved through Atreus that the franchise could still be fun and engaging without playing as Kratos. In fact, Atreus’ levels showed that it is important to change playstyles depending on the character. For example, Atreus has to spend more time dodging and keeping his distance from enemies so he can hit them with arrows. For characters like Freyr, he can represent a more mature variation of Atreus’ playstyle, as the two move similarly. But instead of a bow, he could use his magic and use Ingrid as his main weapon. With a limited but devastating moveset, it would allow for some unique upgrades that would show why he is such a capable fighter.

God of War Ragnarök has seemingly revolutionized third-person action-adventure games, thanks to its fun gameplay and engrossing story. As a result, there is a consistent desire to continue the narratives associated with this world. While Kratos’ next outing is yet to be confirmed, exploring Freyr’s early life and the battles he fought would be a great way to wet the whistle as it would offer some exciting stories and gameplay that are unique to Kratos, but just as fun. DLC would also be a great way to see other gods like Odin and Freya when they were younger and far more ruthless in battle.

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