The funniest trophy goals from the October 2022 games

The funniest trophy goals from the October 2022 games

PlayStation Trophies usually fall into a few categories. They are either simple, story-related tasks that happen naturally, difficult tasks to complete everything or do a specific challenge, or random and fun objectives. While the October 2022 games offered a little bit of everything, those with a penchant for sillier, unique tasks should be especially pleased with the trophies on offer.

PlayStation Plus’ essential games are always worth checking out for trophy hunters, as they can provide multiple lists to work with at varying levels of difficulty. Similarly, the major releases for October each come with a trophy list attached, and one in particular has a particularly odd achievement that requires little effort to complete but is guaranteed to provide a big laugh.


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The funniest trophy goals from the October 2022 games

Player who shoots enemies in Superhot

Not just is Super hot‘s “Hercules” Trophy is one of the more difficult Trophy objectives in October’s PS Plus game, but the game also has several goofy objectives. “No They Didn’t” is unlocked by shooting down a bullet with another bullet, and Trophy’s fourth wall-breaking title makes it worth highlighting. “It’s a me, Mario” is another treat, with players unlocking the trophy after killing an enemy by jumping on their head – a fun nod to Nintendo’s legendary plumber. There’s even a “Pumpkin Spiced SUPERHOT” goal to play a challenge around the Halloween season, which perfectly showcases the humor of the developers behind the game.

Some fun easter eggs are also attached to trophies, such as “Deep Web”, which sees players wait 15 minutes for a conversation to stop moving after clicking on a folder labeled ggroups.exe. “Boed” is another, which mocks the player for testing all the system’s apps instead of playing the main game. Another fun trophy can be unlocked by PS Plus subscribers and Super hot fans, with “We Told You To Leave” acquired by returning to the system after being expelled – another fourth wall break for fans of meta humor to appreciate.

As for the other two games that came as part of October’s Essential PS Plus offer, Hot Wheels unleashedThe only stupid Trophy comment on the act of getting 25,000 gears, while it reads “What do I do with so many?” Injustice 2 however, has a handful of comedic trophies to chase. “Killer Croc” refers to the DC villain of the same name and is unlocked when players use a crocodile prop to win a battle in a Slaughter Swamp map. Grodd’s “Going Ape” is a fun nod to him as a Gorilla, and “This is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things” is unlocked after destroying everything in the Batcave. However, the silliest trophy of all subtly references tea bags, as dodging 10 times unlocks the “Would You Like Some Crumpets With That?” With crumpets often paired with tea, this is a clever nod to a long-standing tradition in gaming.

The funniest trophies in October 2022’s new releases

lou13-new-tales-from-the-borderland-robot character

As for the big matches in October 2022, New stories from the borderland is filled with humorous trophies. The one-two punch of “You Rich Now” and “You Poor Now” gaining and losing the Sink or Swim money is a good gag. “Totally Intentional” is unlocked when a QTE fails, and the “Epic Fail” image associated with it is an excellent touch. “Not dolls. Action Figures!” is a reference to the classic toy-type defense, and is unlocked to bring all Vaultlanders. Finally, there’s “Bring Back The Butt!”, which requires players to summon the sexy intern during the JRPG sequence , one of the more memorable moments in the game.

However, while New stories from the borderland takes the cake for the highest number of silly trophies to collect in October’s games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2its campaign offers the decidedly clumsy single Trophy. If players shoot a porta potty with an enemy inside before it has a chance to spawn – which requires pre-existing knowledge of the spawn point – they will earn “A Crappy Way to Die.” Having a poop joke in a serious military FPS like Duty calls is certainly unexpected, but its inclusion on the trophy list is sure to get a laugh out of it PlayStation fans.

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