The Escape From Tarkov cheats are so fierce that they are fighting each other now

The Escape From Tarkov cheats are so fierce that they are fighting each other now

It’s been about a fortnight since the last Escape From Tarkov wipe and everyone is starting to find their feet when it comes to this new era of EFT. With a new addition to the range of Escape From Tarkov maps available, and a much-needed Scav nerf, there’s a lot to look forward to – but Escape From Tarkov hackers are reaching new heights – and lows – in the wake of the latest reset. In fact, it gets so bad in Escape From Tarkov that hackers fly around to fight other hackers. We’ve all seen some heroics in extraction shooters before, but never anything like this.

But first, we should talk about how bad the Escape From Tarkov situation is at the moment – because it’s not good. Just a day ago, Reddit user ‘DatboiBazzle’ shared footage of an EFT cheater blasting him with a submachine gun in what can only be described as near-darkness.

If you’re not entirely convinced by this and you’re looking for another – slightly more obvious – example, Escape From Tarkov content creator ‘ScorpionKiller19’ has shared footage of a hovering bulletproof opponent here. Yes, if flying wasn’t bad enough, these hackers are also invincible. You might as well go all the way with it, right?

As we’re sure you can imagine, these are just two examples of what we can only assume are countless instances of Escape From Tarkov players coming face to face with inevitable hackers and inevitable deaths.

However, one man is being honored on the EFT subreddit for taking matters into his own hands as a hacker who uses his hacks to actually eliminate other hackers. It’s a strange kind of justice, but one we’re on board with. If we’re stuck waiting for more rigid anti-cheat measures from Battlestate Games, at least there’s someone out there using these businesses for good.

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While we’re not entirely sure how effective the whole “cheats vs. cheats” approach to Escape From Tarkov actually is, and we don’t recommend trying to hack EFT to find out, you can watch this hero in action below:

Flying Hacker Fly to fight other hackers in raids from EscapefromTarkov

As you can see in the comments, EFT players find all this hilarious. However, it is clearly indicative of a major problem Escape From Tarkov is facing. Players are clearly not taking the anti-cheat seriously and there is clearly a lack of faith in Battlestate Games to fix things.

When you couple this with the many bugs Escape From Tarkov players face – like these man-eating stairs – and the audio issues that dominate any discussion of stealth, it’s clear that this game is far from what it could be.

Still, Escape From Tarkov Scavs’ reign of terror seems to be over, and there’s still a lot of fun to be had in this FPS game, provided you avoid anyone using companies. If you’re thinking of jumping back into all things Tarkov, brush up on some Escape From Tarkov tips before you do. It can’t hurt to be prepared.

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