The best weapons in the legend of Tianding

The best weapons in the legend of Tianding

In The Legend of Tianding, you start as the legendary Liao Tianding, essentially Taiwan’s version of Robin Hood. Tianding escapes from the mountains to steal from the rich and oppressive and to give back to the poor, using his talent for martial arts to help those he meets in the game and to beat up the indiscreet villains.

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As simple as The Legend of Tianding’s gameplay is, you still can’t help but wonder what the best (and arguably most fun) weapons are in the game. If you’re starting out with this fun cartoon-styled hack-and-slash title, here are some weapons you might want to steal from your opponents—even if they’re weapons you won’t be in your possession for long.


10/10 Stones

The Legend of Tianding Throwing Stones

This might sound like a meme post, but this isn’t really a joke. Stones aren’t too bad if you want to keep the enemy at bay and do some damage. When you throw stones at your opponents, you are actually throwing three stones at once.

This is good if you’re fighting mobs, though especially the latter due to the relative weakness of this weapon. It’s not bad, but it’s also no better than the other weapons you might get by overpowering the police.

9/10 saber

The Legend of Tianding Saber

The saber is a longer dagger, and will help you cut through enemies at a relative distance. The best part is that they are usually held by enemy troops, making them easy to pick. Between this and the baton, this weapon deals more damage and is just more satisfying to use.

It’s also better than using rocks because it deals with enemies much faster and you get a more precise hit on your enemies. Be sure to pick this up when you can so you can get more range if other options aren’t available.

8/10 Axe

The legend of Tianding wielding an axe

The ax may be heavy, and there is a trick to this weapon, but there is nothing more satisfying than dropping an ax on the heads of your enemies. Your swings may be a bit slower, but according to physics, the heavier the weapon, the harder the hit.

Granted, an ax to the head doesn’t merit an instant kill in this game, but if you’re a fan of getting a little brutal in hack-and-slash games, jump up and press attack just for the experience.

7/10 Bamboo polar arm

Legend of Tianding Bamboo Polearm

Unlike the axe, this bamboo pole tends to be on the lighter side, and will give Tianding more mobility to jump around faster. This also means being able to combo seamlessly, which puts it somewhere higher than the axe.

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It will be more comfortable to fight with this weapon since it doesn’t restrict your movement as much. While the greater damage of the ax is great, it will be more difficult to lug around a heavy weapon when you are facing five enemies at once.

6/10 Molotov cocktail

The Legend of the Tianding Molotov Cocktail

Another ranged weapon, although limited, deserves very fun explosions. You can’t aim it precisely, but it’s the kind of weapon you hope will land on enemies. It’s not the most common weapon to come across, but pick it up when you can because it deals with more than one enemy at a time.

So if you find yourself surrounded, choose this weapon to set fire to as many enemies as possible. In addition to its utility, you can appreciate how blasting entire enemy hordes and beating them back is definitely fun.

5/10 Shield of Rebellion

The Legend of Tianding Riot Shield

The Riot Shield isn’t the most offensive weapon on this list, but it makes up for it in terms of utility. Not only can you hit people with it, but it’s very useful when there are multiple people with guns involved. Also, if you’re dealing with a place that has automatic machines firing at you, you should take this from an officer as it’s going to protect your back from being hit by those machines.

This is especially perfect when you are short of one or no bowls and need to become more defensive in your fighting style.

4/10 Handgun

Legend of Tianding Handgun

Hands down, this weapon is a must-grab against your opponents. You can fire this gun and it will deal with enemies one by one. Just be careful not to be too eager as you can run out of bullets instantly.

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If you’re low on health, this is also a good weapon as the range means you don’t have to get up close and personal with your enemies. It also gives you the freedom to put some space between you and the horde.

3/10 Shotgun

The legend of the Tianding shotgun

Unlike the previous entry, the shotgun is either a one-shot (or more often than not, two-shot) wonder. You have to be a little more careful with this weapon, as there is a half second recharge time with this gun, but it knocks back two enemies.

The output is just much better with this pistol compared to the handgun. If you want to get the job done as quickly as possible and don’t want to use too many combos, this is the weapon for you.

2/10 Rocket launcher

Legend of Tianding Rocket Launcher

There’s no debating this one: it’s definitely the most fun weapon to steal and play in the game. It can get rid of multiple enemies at once, or at least significantly reduce their health.

Some enemies miraculously survive a rocket hit in the game, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the most powerful weapon to pick up from enemies.

1/10 Dagger

The Legend of Tianding Dagger

You probably didn’t expect this weapon to be number one, given that the previous entries were powerful and unique, but the dagger you’re wearing from the start is arguably the best – because it’s upgradeable.

Not only can you upgrade the dagger, it’s not something you have to steal every time or drop a few times. That’s all that’s constant for you in this game, along with your red waistband and the memory of the combos you learn throughout your journey. You can get it upgraded through Master Long in Minato-Cho for a reasonable price.

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