The best ways to get Cryo in Citizen Sleeper

The best ways to get Cryo in Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper is a story of survival. The narrative, dice-based adventure game puts you in the role of a mechanical Sleeper, wandering through an abandoned space station as you search for the answers, assistance and resources that will keep you alive.

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While there are many different types of resources that prove vital to your Sleeper’s existence, a crucial element of life on The Eye is cryo, the currency used on the station. Whether you’re trying to buy food, pay off the shady people who surround you, or even buy your way out of the station itself, cryo is a critical factor in your inhabitant’s sleep. Here are some surefire ways to keep a few pussies in your pocket.


9/9 Select the operator class

Screenshot of the Citizen Sleeper Operator class

Citizen Sleeper is a game about decision making at heart. There are tons of divergent paths and different choices you’ll have to choose from, but the very first one is deciding which class to start with. Your class will determine the skills you start the game with, and you’ll also gain a special advantage unique to the class you’ve chosen.

While each of the game’s three classes has its own advantages and disadvantages, the Operator class is the one to choose if you’re worried about having cryo in your pocket. It will give you a small amount of cryo every time you perform an “interface” action in the game, helping you keep your money in place even when hacking or maneuvering through The Eye’s subsystems.

8/9 Works at Dragos’ shipyard

Citizen Sleeper Dragos screenshot of an early dialogue exchange

The first character you will meet in a long list of colorful personalities is Dragos, the mechanically enhanced manager of the local shipyard. Dragos finds you on the wrecked ship that you drift into the station aboard, and despite his somewhat cold demeanor, gives you a place to stay for the time being.

Dragos will also offer you work when you feel ready for the task. He lets you help him break down the wrecked ships that find their way to the station, salvage them for parts, and help keep his yard afloat.

7/9 Visiting Ort Exchange

Citizen Sleeper screenshot of your Ort Exchange options

At Ort-børsen you can take part in a few activities that will earn you a few extra chicks. One of these tasks is playing the stock market, making trades in the market that will help bring in some currency when you are low.

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Another benefit of Ort Exchange involves selling your spare scrap components. While there are always some useful ways to use the resources and materials you find in the Citizen Sleeper, you may find yourself with some extra scrap parts in the long run, making this activity extremely useful when your cryo starts to run low.

6/9 Playing backgammon

Citizen Sleeper screenshot of two options for playing Backgammon

Once you get a little further into the game, you gain access to Lowend. The sinister underbelly of The Eye, Lowend, is home to some shady business, but it’s also an important part of making the most of the station. Once you’re able to visit the area, you’ll be able to gamble in the station’s Tavla game, setting up some cryo in hopes of earning more.

Later in the game, you’ll be able to access the more elusive Board Room, where a high-stakes version of the game is played. If you feel up to it, you can set up more cryo and hope to earn an even nicer payout in the end.

5/9 Work shift at the Overlook Bar

Citizen Sleeper screenshot of Tala in dialogue

Near the center of your starting area in Citizen Sleeper is the Overlook bar. It’s a great place to grab a drink, enjoy the atmosphere and maybe avoid a flying glass or two – you know, your typical bar scene. You can also grab a drink or rations there, which helps to replenish the ever-decreasing energy meter.

After becoming something of a regular at the bar, you’ll be introduced to Tala, the barkeep and owner of the place. In addition to embarking on her side quests and getting to know another of the game’s friendlier citizens, you’ll be able to pick up shifts at the Overlook, helping you get some cryo when you need it.

4/9 Unloading of containers

Screenshot of the Citizen Sleeper freighter yard

There are two docks on Elvin’s Eye that will start counting down timers when you start exploring the area. After a few cycles, one or both may be occupied by a freighter, which carries and transports various resources that will help you through your journey.

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One important way the freighters benefit you is by letting you work aboard the Scrap Freighter and unload cargo for a few extra bucks. While the result may not always be so rewarding, it’s worth keeping in mind as another resource if you’re really down.

3/9 Delivers noodles

Citizen Sleeper Min-Gi screenshot

Exploring through the eye will open up a multitude of different locations for you to interact with. From the main area of ​​Lowend, up the tower and over to the Greenway, you’ll rarely run out of activities to take part in.

One such activity involves the Noodle Bar Min-Gi, which is located just on the outskirts of Lowend. Here you will be able to try on express noodles, and earn yourself a little extra when you finish them. Even better, you’ll still earn a small amount of cryo even if the results of the roll turn out to be neutral.

2/9 Helping Yatagan or Havenage (or both!)

Citizen Sleeper screenshots of your options for tracking both Yatagan and Havenage

Two of the most important organizations in the Citizen Sleeper world are the Havenage and the Yatagan. Havenage is a former labor union that has become the corrupt source of control on the Eye, while Yatagan is an organized crime syndicate operating in the shadows.

Both of these organizations are involved in some shady dealings, so it’s up to you who you prefer to trust. The good news is, regardless of your allegiance, both can be solid sources of cryo, as Havenage will pay you for the Yatagan data you acquire, and Yatagan will likewise fork over a good deal of crap for your Havenage information.

1/9 Assisting Bliss and Moritz

Citizen Sleeper screenshots of both Bliss and Moritz

Two of the more lovable characters you’ll meet when you head up the central tower of The Eye are Bliss, the ship’s mechanic, and Moritz, her assistant. Bliss is energetic but driven and hyper-focused, while Moritz seems to be out more often than not. Regardless, they turn out to make a great team.

Although they undoubtedly have a complex history, both are characters worth trusting and helping. Once you get through Bliss’s quest line, helping her wrangle some new employment contracts, she’ll be happy to offer you some side work.

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