The best upgrades for Batgirl to get ASAP

The best upgrades for Batgirl to get ASAP

Gotham Knights allowing players to take on the roles of Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin (Tim Drake) and Nightwing. One of the coolest aspects of the game is that it allows players to switch the main character back to the headquarters. This means players don’t have to play the game four times to see how each of the four characters fight.

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There are story reasons to play Gotham Knights four times though. Now each of the four characters has their own skill tree which is typical in an action RPG. For Batgirl, there are four branches to look into, including Justice, Grit, Oracle, and Knighthood. Of the many skills available, some should be unlocked as quickly as possible.


8/8 Slide

Players begin with three skill trees unlocked for all four characters. To unlock the fourth, Knighthood, players must complete some training sessions in the Belfry simulator. This should be done as soon as this battle sim is unlocked, as there are some really great skills hidden in Knighthood.

The first is called Glide and it allows Batgirl to fly around on her cape. The mechanic works similarly to how Batman’s glide is controlled Arkham City and Arkham Knight. This will make it easier to get around the open world city.

7/8 HP+

HP+ is a skill that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which one is under Grit. It increases Batgirl’s health by 40%, which is a big bonus in the early hours Gotham Knights. This skill is especially recommended if players plan to go through this venture alone without the help of a friend.

The more health players have, the better chance they can survive a brutal onslaught of enemies which is RPGs 101. It’s great that multiplayer co-op is a choice and not a forced feature unlike a live experience like in Fate or Anthem. These games can also be played alone, but players must be online.

6/8 Second Wind

Second Wind is another skill under Grit that can help solo players out in the campaign. It gives players the ability to revive Batgirl once from the dead. There is an additional skill that players can purchase after this, Vigilante Resolve, which increases the number of revives to two.

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An auto-revival system has been a part of RPGs forever, usually in the form of a spell, but like Auto-Life in Final Fantasy game. Second Wind is also useful during multiplayer sessions, although respawning is basically the same. The more medical help players can get in an RPG, the better.

5/8 Sense Of Victory

Sense of Victory is the last Grit skill worth pointing out Gotham Knights. It’s also the last skill players can unlock in this tree, meaning it’s an ultimate ability. This skill will heal players by 4% when defeating an enemy normally.

If players are a little more skilled in their combat skills, they can earn 8% of their health back. All they have to do is perform a stealth takedown or knock the enemy into submission. A leech skill like this is great to have in an action game that throws dozens of enemies at players.

4/8 Digital ghost

Digital Ghost is a skill on the Oracle tree that will make sneaking around easier. Batgirl has an ability to hack into computers, rendering cameras and other detectors useless. However, hacking takes time and sometimes these consoles are not easy to find.

Digital Ghost is then a good skill to buy because it magically makes Batgirl invisible to cameras and sensors. If players are confident enough in their ability to find hackable computers to knock these systems offline, they should not purchase this skill. For players who want to sneak through situations as quickly as possible, buy the Digital Ghost.

3/8 Super health packs

Super Health Packs is another Oracle skill and is another name that should be obvious. This skill will upgrade the healing abilities of a normal medical pack. Unfortunately, it won’t increase the number of medical packs Batgirl can carry, but it will heal 20% more of her health.

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There is a bonus effect to Super Health Packs as well. Defense will increase by 50% for ten seconds after using this item. This temporary boost is great to have especially for boss encounters like Mr. Freeze.

2/8 Improved combination

Enhanced Combo is another chivalry skill and this will increase the combo of melee and ranged attacks by one. Usually action games like Gotham Knights increase the number of combinations by more than this through regular upgrades.

Still, even with the single upgrade, this will make fighting enemies easier. However, it may take some time to get used to the new battle flow, so it might be a good idea to practice in battle sim again or go after some low-level crimes before jumping back into the main missions.

1/8 Drone firepower

Players will eventually unlock a drone that can be freely summoned. The catch is that this drone runs on a cooldown, unlike Batgirl’s other skills which can be used indefinitely as long as they have the meter filled. Most of the skills under Knighthood increase the potential of this drone such as Drone Firepower.

This skill naturally increases the rate of fire of the drone, giving it more chances to hit enemies before disappearing. Players should be sure to save the drone for serious situations like the boss fight against Clayface, as it’s easily one of Batgirl’s best upgrades in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights was released on October 21, 2022 and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

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