The best playable characters to level up first

The best playable characters to level up first

With four playable characters, Gotham Knights giving players the freedom to explore their favorite characters from the Bat Family. Although Gotham Knights features only Red Hood, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Robin instead of the entire ever-growing Bat-family, it just means that these four characters get more care and craftsmanship in their abilities and upgrades.

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Players should pay close attention to which characters they upgrade, as the points they spend on their characters cannot be reversed, thus making all upgrades final. Of the four characters, each of them brings something brilliant to the table, with plenty of excitement for Gotham City along the way.


4/4 Bat girl

Everyone knows about Barbara Gordon’s trauma, and what she went through after being shot by the Joker. She has been wheelchair-bound, but turned her disability into a strength by becoming Oracle. IN Gotham Knights, after her father Commissioner Gordon died, she was encouraged to undergo experimental surgeries and physical therapy to walk again. Now she’s back as Batgirl, and Gotham Knight’s most rounded character, with great abilities reminiscent of Batman himself.

Her movement style relies on gliding thanks to her cape, meaning players can tumble through Gotham City in style. Batgirl never retreats, and thanks to abilities like Second Wind, she’ll never need to, as she’s completely self-reliant. Batgirl can revive herself with certain skill tree abilities and can dish out brilliant combos that ensure she starts the fight and ends it in seconds, no matter how outnumbered she is. Where Batgirl also excels is in her hacking abilities, as Batgirl can use her environment to her advantage. This is all thanks to her time as Oracle, as turrets, cameras and lasers will enhance her combat abilities and make sneaking all the easier.

3/4 Robin

Build for the release of Gotham Knights, and thanks to the story in DC Comics, fans knew what to expect when it came to Tim Drake, the third Robin. Plays as Robin in Gotham Knights meaning players must rely on stealth, gadgets, and elemental attacks. Robin shines through his teammates, not only as the youngest member, but as an inventor of gadgets, drones and decoys to help him achieve the stealth that Batman would be proud of.

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Most of Robin’s primary abilities rely on stealth in some way, including his exclusive stealth takedowns. He can also become invisible. This makes Robin a great resource for those players who want to sneak through the majority Gotham Knights, especially since Robin can act as a ghost. What’s even better is Robin’s staff, which can unleash relentless blows on enemies, offering a large melee range, despite not being a specialist. Robin certainly paves the way for stealth and makes great use of the five different elemental damage types thanks to his equipment and skill tree.

2/4 Red cap

It’s no secret that Red Hood is the bat family. Ever since his death and resurrection, he has been the distant black sheep who prefers to work alone. He is a character that lacks what Batman stands for, especially since he has guns. But, Gotham Knights doesn’t have murderous guns, since Red Hood uses non-lethal rounds, which creates a brutal character in close combat, as well as an artist when it comes to ranged combat since his guns serve as his weapon on all fronts.

Playing as the Red Hood certainly won’t make the game any different, as for most characters will still soak up damage despite the speed and power of guns being fired at their faces. However, his abilities are great for solo play as he is an impressive brawling character. Red Hood has basic attacks that can do a lot of damage, and developing his skill tree and upgrading Red Hood means more moves, and more power, which can make enemies explode with an area of ​​effect that damages groups of enemies that dare stand against Red Hood .

1/4 Nightwing

Nightwing is certainly the fastest of the characters in the game. The developers really lean into his acrobatic abilities and fighting as Nightwing is a lot of fun. The character will jump from enemies and bounce between them as if to deal the punches and kicks. His propulsion abilities focus on crowds and can be used to destroy the criminals of Gotham City. However, perhaps the most curious asset of Nightwing is his reliance on cooperative abilities.

For the most part, Nightwing has a few cooperative abilities in his skill tree. While players can largely ignore these perks, continuing the game with the rewards they see fit from Nightwing, the character really excels when another hero fights by Nightwing’s side. He’s quite capable, with a ton of effect attacks, so being surrounded, and even without a friend, won’t be a problem.

Gotham Knights is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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