The best games to play if you like Bayonetta 3

The best games to play if you like Bayonetta 3

If you’re someone who loves the witch-themed action-adventure series that is Bayonetta, then you’re in luck as there are countless similar experiences to enjoy. Bayonetta 3, the newest entry in the series, tasks the infamous Umbra Witch with a whole new set of challenges while killing plenty of villains along the way.

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People love the Bayonetta series for its mind-blowing action, unique protagonist, creative enemy designs, and creepy yet crazy worlds designed. Bayonetta 3 holds its own when it comes to all of these aspects. For those of you who love the Bayonetta series and Bayonetta 3 in particular, look to the following game to scratch a similar itch.


8/8 devil may cry

At the very beginning of the 2000s, Capcom released a top-notch, gothic-inspired action-adventure in the form of Devil May Cry. Although the long-running series has had many ups and downs (here’s looking at you Devil May Cry 2), it’s the very first game that remains one of the pinnacle of the genre.

Starring Dante, a brooding and merciless protagonist, you will battle hordes of monsters and demons in a terrifying and harrowing world. The gameplay here consists of hack-n-slack combat intertwined with frenetic gunplay, with the name of the game being combos and high scores. If for some reason you missed out on this groundbreaking title, be sure to rectify that right away.

7/8 Darksiders 2

While any of the fun Darksiders games could be included in this list, it’s Darksiders 2 that really stands out from the pack. In Darksiders 2, you will take on the role of Death himself as he tries to free his brother, War, from the chains of punishment; something you learn about from the first game in the series.

Darksiders 2’s mix of action-combat, RPG elements, looting and exploration make it a pure treat to play through. Also, this is no meager adventure, with the main story taking anywhere from 20-25 hours. Death is a formed and determined character. As he continues to encounter other mythical and iconic dark fantasy characters, he is aided by his love of battle and mayhem.

6/8 God of War (2018)

God of War (2018) probably needs no introduction as the Santa Monica Studio-made third-person juggernaut has been among the mainstays of many people’s top game lists. With the impending God of War Ragnarok fast approaching at the time of writing, it’s high time to return to the 2018 iteration to play this masterpiece with a more mature (and older) Kratos alongside his son Atreus.

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Simply put, this game feels sublime to play with some top-notch moment-to-moment combat. The visceral Leviathan ax can deal some punishing damage as it slices and dices its way through the Norse-inspired villains. This combat combined with the tightly woven story and thoughtful world exploration means you get one of the best games ever made.

5/8 Astral chain

This Nintendo exclusive from action-adventure veterans Platinum Games deserves your time and attention. Not only is it developed by the Bayonetta team, but it offers a unique sci-fi/cyberpunk spin on the genre. Your task in Astral Chain is to stop a series of alien invaders after a major disaster that affected the globe as a whole.

What makes playing Astral Chain so much fun are the different legions you can equip and swap out at any time. These legions are tied to various kinetic abilities and maneuvers, providing new ways to take on the plethora of enemies the game throws at you at any given time. If you own a Nintendo Switch and haven’t yet tried Astral Chain, now is the time to do so.

4/8 Bloodrayne

Bloodrayne, along with its sequel and subsequent HD versions, are third-person action game essentials. While the original game may feel rather dated by modern standards, this blood-sucking vampire-themed adventure was in full swing in the early 2000s. Bloodrayne plays Rayne, a half-vampire, half-human known as a Dhampir.

Rayne is part of the Brimstone Society, a dark and shady organization that seeks to put down supernatural mysteries and entities. Of course, as a supernatural creature herself, Rayne is conflicted throughout the game. The action in this game is over-the-top, bloody, brutal and totally entertaining, especially for fans of all things dark and scary.

3/8 Bloodborne

For those looking for an incredibly challenging horror-inspired action-adventure with RPG elements, look no further than Bloodborne. Created by the fine folks at From Software (of Dark Souls fame), Bloodborne tasks you with playing as a hunter in the cruel city of Yharnam. Yharnam as a location is easily one of the best in all of gaming as it perfectly blends Victorian essentials with Gothic romance.

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If you’re at all familiar with From Software games, then you know that diving headfirst into a game like Bloodborne will be no easy feat. Your customizable and versatile hunter will take on ghosts, werewolves, old gods and all manner of other monstrosities in this meaty adventure.

2/8 Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow

While the Castlevania franchise has had many ups and downs throughout the series’ run, it’s the 3D iterations that seem to be the most divisive. However, Mercury Steam’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow remains a steadfast highlight of the entire franchise, not just in the 3D Castlevania space. Lords of Shadow is easily one of the most epic and spectacular Castlevania games, which deserves its praise.

Playing as Gabriel Belmont, players will explore an ancient and cursed land in hopes of bringing his love, Marie, back from the land of the dead. Fighting grief and despair, along with a host of demons and monsters in the world, Gabriel must face evil of all kinds, including evil itself. This narrative dark fantasy adventure is spellbinding in both storytelling and world-building. Don’t worry, the third-person combat is also highly entertaining, filled with plenty of visceral moments.

1/8 Castlevania: Curse Of Darkness

It’s a real shame that the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox Castlevania game, Curse of Darkness, isn’t part of the larger Castlevania discourse as this game is an absolute blast for fans of 3D action-adventure, RPGs, and Castlevania as a whole. Curse of Darkness stars Hector, a brooding character who happens to be a Devil Forgemaster. These highly specialized humans are able to bind demonic souls with creatures to familiar creatures that help Hector throughout the game.

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness is an intricately woven game that brings you the best aspects of hacking and slashing as you level up and gain new familiars, weapons, armor and other loot. While the gameplay and story are great and will feel right at home with Castlevania fans, it’s the game’s sense of atmosphere that really takes the cake. Mixing vampires, ghosts, monsters, spooky castles, dark forests, and other gothic imagery, this game feels like the best parts of Halloween distilled into a great Castlevania game.

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