The best app for calorie tracking?

The best app for calorie tracking?

Probably the best app for calorie tracking, it is available in iOS as well as Android.

The MyFitnessPal app happens to be a hidden gem, helping you reach your fitness goals quite easily. These days people are becoming more health conscious. It is actually something that is largely inspired by the latest social media trends. This is again one of the few positive aspects of social media, which can generate depression within six months. People have started posting pictures of their workouts on Instagram handles. Celebrities and influencers also play a central role in developing such a paradigm shift – from posing with junk food to sharing fitness statistics.

While there is no shortage of options, when it comes to fitness trackers or apps that can keep track of the essential metrics, the MyFitnessPal app seems to be a clear standout. In recent times, we have seen a significant increase in the sale of exercise bands such as Amazon Halo View. But fitness geeks also tend to use a variety of apps to facilitate their workouts.

However, MyFitnessPal app seems to be the best calorie tracking app when we look at its prominent features. Let’s delve deeper with it and unravel the vast scope that comes with it.

MyFitnessPal app

The MyFitnessPal app connects seamlessly with a wide range of apps and platforms such as Samsung Health, Apple Health or FitBit. [Image Credit: MyFitnessPal]

The MyFitnessPal App: Track Calories Seamlessly and What More?

Many people use the MyFitnessPal app as an effective weight management tool. Calorie tracking is at the heart of it, with a special focus on fitness. From diet and exercise, endless third-party integration options to offering a large community of like-minded users and guidance for maintaining a customized diet plan, the MyFitnessPal app ticks it all.

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It remains one of the largest food databases currently available and has more than 14 million food items. You can easily check the calorie count of a particular food item with just a few clicks. Users can continue with a customized personal weight loss plan to stay in shape. You can seamlessly set daily calorie goals. We know how important such short-term goals are when it comes to long-term results.

MyFitnessPal features consist of a number of extremely useful tools – Efficient food tracking, detailed tracking, nutritional analysis, water tracking and exercise calorie tracking. You don’t have to worry a bit about connectivity as it works in sync with more than 50 third-party apps and devices. This long list includes premium brands in this domain such as Apple, Fitbit and Garmin. Therefore, one can proceed with the diet and the nutritional chart without any problems.

Massive motivation and constant positive vibes

Many fitness freaks and amateur athletes use it, as it becomes easier than ever to keep an eye on the calories burned. With the MyFitnessPal app by your side, you can gain valuable insight into your food composition and manage your macronutrient intake in a hassle-free way.

The MyFitnessPal app is free to download. That’s why you don’t have to pay a penny to unlock this gem of a health and fitness app. Interestingly, it is available for both Android and iOS and can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

What’s more, the best calorie tracking app connects seamlessly with Strava or Apple Health, allowing you to explore your fitness journey even further. In case you want more functionality with exclusive features, you can go for MyFitnessPal Premium. It comes with great insights, along with a price tag of $19.99 per month or roughly $79.99 per year and most importantly, no ads.

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