The 7 best Google Pixel 7 tips and tricks you can try today

The 7 best Google Pixel 7 tips and tricks you can try today

The Google Pixel 7 series of phones features an updated Tensor chip and several other improvements, making the Pixel 7 series the best Pixel yet. It is easily one of the best Android phones. Pixel phones always have software features that enhance the user experience. To celebrate the Pixel 7, here are seven tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your new phone.


1. Customize your Material You theme

With Android 12, Google introduced Material You theme to its Pixel phones. Material You take colors from your background image and apply those colors to many facets of the system and app interfaces. By long pressing the home screen and selecting Wallpaper and styleyou can access the Material You theme menu.

You can choose from different color palettes based on colors taken from your wallpaper. It’s also an option if you’d rather have a single, solid color. When you choose a theme, a color palette appears in the settings menus and some apps across the device. Not all apps work with Material You, but many do, including Google apps.

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Google also includes an option called Theme Icons, which gives the app icons on your home screen the Material You treatment. When you turn this on, your app icons will be a shade of gray and the icon background will match your Material You theme. Not all apps are compatible with this feature, but many popular apps are.

2. Minimize distractions and waiting times with Google Pixel 7’s exclusive call features

One of the best features of owning a Pixel phone is Google’s amazing call screening feature. Call Screening answers calls from suspicious and unknown numbers to determine if they are legitimate or not. If Google determines that the caller is spam, it will hang up and block the number for you. If it’s someone it thinks is legitimate, it forwards the call to you with a message telling you who they are. You then have the option to accept the call or decline it.

Calling a business is something many people dread because of the complicated menus and long waiting times. Google’s Hold for Me and Direct My Call features reduce the frustration you may face when calling a business. If you are put on hold, Hold for Me will wait on the line for you until a real person starts talking. Then the phone rings, alerting you that someone is on the line. With the push of a button, you talk to them.

This feature eliminates the need to listen to hold music or repeat messages. If you’re on a call and hear a series of menu options, Direct My Call creates a pressable series of buttons that make it easier to select the option you need.

To turn on these features, open Telephone app, tap three dots in the upper right corner, and select Settings. You see the sections for each function at the top.

3. Keep your fingers to yourself and use voice typing to quickly send a text to a friend

Who needs fingers to type when you can use your voice? Google’s original Tensor chip in the Pixel 6 series brought great voice typing to Pixel phones, and the second-generation Tensor G2 improves on what the Pixel 6 line started. When the keyboard is open, you will see a small microphone icon at the top right of the keyboard. Tap this icon and you can use your voice to type.

Tensor does a good job of recording what you say and typing it accurately. You can even say punctuation and the names of the emojis and they will be inserted for you. When you’re done writing, say “Send” to send a message you’ve written. If there is an error, say “Delete” to delete the last word, “Delete” to delete the last sentence, or “Delete all” to delete the entire message. This feature is useful whether you’re sending a text message, searching for something on Google, or taking a note.

Source: Google

4. Use the Google Pixel 7’s de-blur feature to correct the blurry image from the previous trip

Taking photos is especially useful when you are in the moment, but sometimes your subject or you may be moving. This usually results in a blurry image that is unusable. With the Pixel 7, Google introduced its Photo Unblur feature. Photo Unblur takes blurry photos and removes them with a little Google magic, leaving you with a normal photo.

If your child or pet does something you want to catch, you don’t have to stabilize yourself or them as much. Just take the picture. If there’s a problem, Google can fix it for you. To use this feature, go to Google Photos app, select one pictureand press on Edit.

5. Try the Google Pixel 7’s two biometric authentication options

PINs and passwords are cool, but biometrically unlocking your phone is often faster with a similar level of security. The Pixel 7 offers two ways to biometrically unlock the phone: fingerprint and face unlock. Fingerprint unlock uses an on-screen fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone, while face unlock uses the front camera to recognize your face and unlock the phone.

These two features work together to unlock your phone in all conditions. If it’s cold outside and you’re wearing gloves, use Face Unlock to unlock your phone. If you’re wearing a mask inside, use fingerprint lock to get into your phone. To enable these features, open Settings app, select Safetyand press on Unlock face and fingerprint.

6. Review your Pixel 7 or 7 Pro settings to stay charged all day and protect your battery

Battery life is of utmost importance in any smartphone, and Google includes a couple of features to help you get the most out of your battery life. These two functions work together to keep the time between charges and battery life as long as possible.

The first is Adaptive Battery, which extends the battery life between charges and the life of the phone’s battery. To extend the time between charges, Adaptive Battery learns your phone’s usage habits and optimizes app and system operations to maximize battery life. Adaptive charging extends the life of your phone’s battery by charging evenly over a longer period of time. If you set an alarm and connect the phone before bed, Adaptive Charging notices this and charges the battery evenly until the alarm time. That way, your phone will have 100% battery when you wake up, and it won’t overheat or charge too quickly while you’re not using it.

The other feature Google includes to preserve your battery is Extreme Battery Saver. This feature extends battery life by pausing most of the apps and notifications on your device so that only essential apps are used. This reduces the load on the G2 Titan chip, reducing the amount of battery usage. You can choose which apps are important, which is useful to ensure that this setting is useful for you. This feature is useful if you’re low on battery and away from a charger or if you’re on a trip and know you won’t be using most of the apps on your phone. To enable these features, open Settings app and go to Battery section.

7. Try the improved camera features of Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pros

Pixel phones are best known for taking amazing photos, and the Pixel 7 takes the best photos yet. Several features make the Pixel 7 one of the best phones to take photos on. Google revamped the Super Res Zoom feature, which helps you take great zoomed photos. Google uses a short series of images, sometimes with multiple lenses, and the computational photography puts everything together to create a great image. To take advantage of this feature, tap the preset zoom options or pinch the viewfinder to access the zoom viewfinder.

Taking pictures in the dark with flash is hit and miss, but Google’s Night Sight feature makes it easy to take pictures in dark conditions. When your phone detects that you are in a dark room, it automatically turns on the feature. You can enable it manually by selecting Night Sight mode in the Camera app. A slider pops up, where you choose how long you want the photo to take. The longer you choose, the more information the phone will have, creating a better picture. Along with Night Sight, Google has an Astrophotography mode that takes amazing pictures of stars and constellations at night.

Source: Google

Google also includes the True Tone technology in the camera software. True Tone helps you capture authentic and accurate photos of people of all skin tones. Google worked with experts around the world to develop this feature and trained its camera algorithms to improve tuning for all skin tones. These features are built into Google’s camera hardware and software, so there’s no need to dig into settings to enable them.

For people who are blind or have low vision, Google created the Guided Frame feature. The new Guided Frame feature works with Google’s existing accessibility feature, TalkBack, to instruct users on how to take selfies. When this feature is activated, the Pixel 7 advises where to move the phone to best capture your face using sound and vibration cues. When your face is in the frame, a photo is taken after a three-second countdown. This feature is a great addition to Google’s suite of accessibility features and helps everyone take a great selfie.

Google is poised to dominate the Android smartphone market

Google’s new Pixel 7 series of phones repeats the Pixel 6 series in many great ways. The Pixel 7 includes some great features to help you get the most out of your smartphone experience. Now that you know some tips and tricks for the new Pixel 7 duo, you’ll be ready for the phone the day it arrives.

  • Google Pixel 7
    Google Pixel 7 in lemongrass

    Source: Google

    Google didn’t reinvent the wheel with the Pixel 7, but they didn’t need to. With improved cameras, the next-generation Tensor G2 chipset, and Google’s amazingly feature-packed software, the Pixel 7 earns its price tag again this year.

  • Google Pixel 7 Pro
    Pixel 7 Pro in Hazel

    Source: Google

    Google’s Pixel 7 Pro refines the Pixel experience after the 6 Pro’s initial stumble last year, improving stability and taking camera prowess to new levels with image fusion and 4K60fps video on all cameras. 30W fast charging and the Pixel’s addictive features like automatic call screening and Pixel recorder help make the Pixel 7 Pro an enticing phone even as an iterative update.

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