The 5 best cyber news of the week

The 5 best cyber news of the week

Law enforcement has won this week by dismantling the Hive ransomware gang. Meanwhile, Riot Games confirmed ransomware after the source code of the popular game was leaked online.

Here’s this week’s roundup – a brief summary of leaks, hacks and threats that Cybernews observed between January 23rd and January 27th.

1. Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, admitted to being the victim of a ransomware attack. The gang behind the attack reportedly asked for $10 million in ransom. Just hours after the company said it wouldn’t pay, a threat actor put the League of Legends source code up for sale at a starting price of $1 million.


2. The source code of the so-called Russian Google – Yandex – was leaked this week. Someone posted over 44GB of data on a popular hacking forum. A researcher who had examined the data said the archive contains the contents of a repository without additional data. All files are dated February 24, 2022, the day Russian forces invaded Ukraine.


3. The FBI’s so-called ‘no-fly’ list appeared online. A Swiss hacker has found a redacted version of the anti-terrorism ‘no-fly’ list – a database of personal information about identified or suspected terrorists. Days after the news broke, a threat actor listed for sale a dataset purported to be the recently leaked ‘no-fly’ list of over 1.5 million full name and date of birth entries of individuals refused to board a flight and around 250,000 entries of selectees who must undergo additional security checks before flying.


4. Law enforcement has dismantled the international ransomware syndicate Hive – its website and Application Programming Interface (API) were dismantled by US authorities. Hive ransomware has exposed hundreds of businesses since its inception in June 2021. Hive rocked the ransomware market from the start, hacking Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer MediaMarkt and demanding a whopping $240 million in ransom.

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5. This has been another “leak” week. We brought news of Puma investigating a potential data leak, a prestigious French rugby club leaking its source code, and a popular Android role-playing game revealing players risked losing their game progress due to a security flaw.

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