Tesla adds the ability to unlock the car door from the app [video]

Tesla adds the ability to unlock the car door from the app

You can now remotely lock the driver's door lock on Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla has updated its app for iOS to version 4.14, and with it comes two new features.

The first is iOS lock screen widgets. There are two widgets to choose from, both of which display the vehicle’s battery level. There’s a small circular widget that populates based on the vehicle’s state of charge, and there’s a larger widget that includes the vehicle’s name and a numerical display of the vehicle’s battery level, either in percent or miles/km, depending on your app.

Tesla introduces lock screen widgets for iOS

The second function is the ability to unlock the driver’s side door from the app.

The door handles on the Model 3 and Model Y do not have power, and with the right mix of water and cold weather, the door handle can sometimes freeze to the door frame.

The ability to unlock the door from the app means that the door handle is not used at all and the door is electronically unlocked, causing it to open just enough for you to grab the side of the door to open it fully.

Unlock door in action

The ability to unlock the door is only available on the Model 3 and Model Y, and it requires your vehicle to be on update 2022.36 or later, which currently makes up about 35% of the Tesla fleet.

To unlock the door, add the new “Unlatch Door” icon to the Quick Actions section of the Tesla app that appears under the vehicle visualization.

Last updated: November 10, 22:10

Unfortunately, Tesla hasn’t added the ability to unlock the door in any other areas of the app, such as the climate or controls section, but hopefully it will in a future update.

Currently, version 4.14 of the app is only available for iOS, but we expect it to be available on the Google Play Store soon.

You can also view the Tesla app 4.14 release notes.

A comparison between Tesla's old music logo, the new icon and Apple Music's logo

Apple Music is one of the most requested features by Tesla owners.

Tesla already supports a number of music services, including Spotify, Slacker, SiriusXM (for Model S and Model X), TuneIn and Caraoke (by Stringray). These services come in addition to support for Bluetooth and FM radio.

Apple Music is the second largest music streaming service worldwide with an estimated 88 million subscribers. It is currently behind Spotify and ahead of Amazon Music and YouTube Music respectively.

Service Subscribers
Spotify 116 million
Apple Music 88 million
Amazon music 70 million
YouTube Music 50 million

Apple Music icon?

When Zoom announced that Tesla would soon support their meeting software in their vehicles, they showed off a video of Zoom being used inside a Tesla.

The video showed a woman parking her car and joining a meeting in her Model Y. When Zoom showed the Tesla screen, it also showed the Tesla app launcher, which looked exactly as we expected, except for one small icon.

The new icon looks very similar to Apple Music’s logo. The new icon was only shown during the first segment of the Zoom demo, as when they cut back to the Tesla screen one more time, the icons in the launcher had changed.

What does this mean?

Although the icon displayed in the Tesla launcher is very similar to Apple Music’s logo, it is not a perfect match.

Besides the color being grayscale, the top line connecting the music notes is also thinner than what Apple uses in the Apple Music logo.

A music icon in the Tesla launcher is not entirely new. Before Tesla launched its v11 software late last year, Tesla used a simple music icon in the launch. When someone wanted to play music, they first had to tap Music and then select their music service.

A new music icon appeared in the launcher during Zoom's demo

While Tesla’s old music icon is similar to the one shown in the Zoom video, it’s also not a perfect match. Tesla’s old icon had music notes with a smaller head, and it didn’t include a rounded square background like Apple Music does.

Interestingly, the music icon in the launcher is not only grayscale, but also misaligned compared to the other icons. This could mean that it is either a teaser or a mock and not something that will appear in production.

One possibility is that Tesla is actually adding Apple Music, and this is an early version of it that was either added as an Easter egg or left behind by accident.

However, there are other possibilities. According to sources, Tesla is expected to launch a new holiday update later this year with new features.

It’s possible that Tesla is giving us more flexibility with the launch, so we can have a single music icon instead of having to choose individual music services.

Did we just get a hint that Apple Music is coming to Teslas? We are not sure. The new icon seems like a placeholder, and since it doesn’t match Apple’s logo perfectly, it’s hard to tell if this will actually be for Apple Music. Whatever it is, the logo is very close to Apple’s logo, and if it’s not meant for Apple Music, Apple might not be thrilled about its use.

Elon Musk has spoken about his disapproval of Apple’s AppStore fees several times in the past. It’s clear that the two companies don’t have the best relationship, and that may be one reason why Tesla hasn’t implemented Apple Music, AirPlay, or CarPlay in its vehicles, but at the same time, customers are demanding Apple Music integration. What will Tesla do? We hope they listen to the fans and add Apple Music.

Berget Tesla may soon be able to use Superchargers again

Unfortunately, accidents happen. There are more and more Teslas on the road every day. Consequently, more of them are likely to be involved in collisions. A Tesla depreciation is pretty much much more than your average vehicle depreciation. Tesla has previously banished salvaged vehicles from its robust Supercharger network (v4 Superchargers are coming) and other third-party charging stations due to liability concerns. But that may be about to change.

Electrek has acquired internal documents outlining a new inspection process to allow salvage Teslas back on the network. Electrek, a popular electric vehicle and green energy website, reports that the document is titled “Safety Inspection for Fast Charging Vehicles with Salvaged Title.” It explains a two-step process for inspecting the high-voltage battery pack and all charging components. If the car passes, it is back on the grid; if not, the components can be fixed at Tesla at the owner’s expense.

The document, which was allegedly distributed to employees, shows the steps the car must go through. The tow truck fast charging safety inspection will begin after the Tesla passes the high voltage tow truck safety inspection. It is also clear that if the owner does not authorize the repairs at Tesla, the inspection will stop and the vehicle will fail the report. The document states: “Diagnosis and component correction are not included in this inspection procedure and can only be performed at the customer’s expense.”

How much two inspections will run has yet to be discovered, but fair to say it would increase the cost of salvaged vehicles. These devices are usually bought by people who can get them repaired at a reasonable price. However, the inspection and other repairs identified during the double check may move the price tag a little too much for some potential buyers. That said, Teslas have a massive battery pack that stores a lot of energy. An expert should inspect them to prove that it is safe and roadworthy.

Tesla seems to be adapting as it grows. For example, it provided free access to all of its service manuals on its website in May 2022. That move alone is encouraging more car fixers to try a salvaged Tesla. While the company would probably much rather sell more new vehicles than invest in the certification of salvaged cars, this latest document reveals that demand needs to increase, and Tesla needs to address it.


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