Switchbot Lock review

Switchbot Lock review

I have spent countless nights getting ready for bed after a long day, spending no more than a few minutes with my eyes closed after getting comfortable under the covers, when this intrusive thought inevitably enters my mind: “Did I remember to lock the front door? ?”

Inevitably, not trusting my own memory, I get out of bed and walk all the way to the front door to check the lock. Probably nine times out of ten the lock was actually locked and I returned to my bedroom annoyed but with peace of mind.

Not a week before I came across the SwitchBot lock, I was brainstorming how to attach a motor to the lock on my front door so that the lock could be controlled from my bed to solve my nightly puzzle. I nearly jumped with excitement when I realized I had the opportunity to review a product that did just that, and more.


The SwitchBot lock is an adapter that fits the lock of any standard door lock. With SwitchBot Lock installed, the user can check the status of their locks from the SwitchBot app on their phone.

The lock adapter is about the size of a deck of cards. It has a battery compartment with a Bluetooth receiver that controls a motor that spins the user’s deadbolt in the desired direction to either lock or unlock the door.

The manual that came with the SwitchBot Lock made installation a breeze and I was able to get my smart lock up and running within fifteen minutes. The SwitchBot lock comes with three adapters in different sizes to fit many deadbolt shapes.

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The lock itself is attached to the door around the lock. There is also a very small sensor that attaches to the door frame so that the smart lock can see when the door is opened or closed. Both components attach to the door and frame with a sticky foam pad that reminded me of Command Strips.

Once the components are in place, the SwitchBot lock connects to a smart device via the SwitchBot app. After a simple calibration, the lock is ready for use. Although the general setup process was relatively easy to follow in the manual, I would not recommend trying to set up the smart lock without consulting the manual, as the placement of the components is very important.

Another cool feature of the Switchbot Lock that I want to mention is that it also comes with programmable SwitchBot Tags. These tags can be set to either lock or unlock the SwitchBot lock.

I made sure to put a tag on my nightstand so I could lock the door by tapping the phone on the note.


When the SwitchBot lock is attached to the door, it is a bit bulky and sticks out an extra couple of centimeters from the door. The texture and appearance of the smart lock is clean, but in some cases it can look a little clumsy.

Also, the extra few centimeters it adds on top of the thickness of the door means the user has to be wary that opening the door fully can now slam the lock into the wall, which is something to keep in mind.

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One of the best things I like about SwitchBot is how all of their products work so seamlessly. With my SwitchBot Lock I also got a SwitchBot Keyboard and a SwitchBot Mini Hub. The keypad sits on the outside of the door and adds many new features to locking and unlocking the door. The mini hub attaches to the wall near a socket and connects the device to WiFi instead of Bluetooth so the lock can be controlled from anywhere.

The SwitchBot keyboard easily connects to the smart lock through the SwitchBot app and adds the ability to operate the lock with a code or fingerprint. I found this feature very useful. Now not only can I leave my apartment without my keys, but I’m even safe if I forget my phone too.

The SwitchBot Mini Hub also adds another layer of convenience to using the SwitchBot Lock. Having the hub allows you to send a push message to your phone if the door has been unlocked for too long, so you never leave it open. It was also nice to have the SwitchBot Mini Hub because if I left for work in the morning and forgot to lock the door, I could lock it from my phone wherever I was.

Smart app

The SwitchBot app is very clean and easy to use. Of the smart device apps I’ve seen, this app was one of the most user-friendly. It made it very easy to connect all the SwitchBot units together.

Inside the app, my apartment door is locked and unlocked with the click of a button. The app also made it particularly easy to add new valid codes and fingerprints to the SwitchBot keyboard, as well as temporary codes and fingerprints for visitors.


The SwitchBot lock, while simple in design, saves me many trips to the front door to check the lock. All worry is now gone by simply opening the SwitchBot app or pressing your phone against a SwitchBot tag.

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With the help of the accompanying user manual, the installation of this product for use went without any problems. The sleek, eye-catching colors in the design of the smart lock make it big.

Adding more SwitchBot devices to my home setup was a seamless process that added even more useful features to the smart lock itself. And as for me, I can stop lying awake at night, running through the evening trying to remember if I locked the door.

You can buy the SwitchBot Lock for about $100 on the manufacturer’s website.

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