Steven Bartlett’s Web3 developer platform, thirdweb, launches GamingKit

Steven Bartlett’s Web3 developer platform, thirdweb, launches GamingKit

Thirdweb, the pioneering technology platform for building NFT and Web3 apps, is launching GamingKit, a kit specifically for Web3 game developers, in partnership with Coinbase.

With over 3.2 billion players worldwide, gaming is set to become one of the biggest uses for Web3. By giving players true ownership over their in-game assets, Web3 games allow players to financially benefit from their hours of gaming.

In 2021, over $54 billion was spent on in-game purchases by players, with 100 percent of that money going to the developers and studios behind the games due to in-game assets held in a closed ecosystem. Web3 games create a new ownership model where players can sell their assets on an open marketplace, ultimately turning players into advocates and increasing the growth of their game.

Web3 promotes the belief that individuals should have the same property rights for digital objects as they do for physical objects. When an in-game item is represented as an NFT, the player has full ownership of that item: they can sell the item on an open marketplace, the item can be used or displayed in partner games/franchises, and the item can unlock benefits and rewards throughout the Web3 the ecosystem.

Having full ownership of your in-game assets introduces a paradigm shift in gaming where the finances of a video game are split between the player and the studio. Players can now benefit from the financial upside of a video game’s success.

Web3 games will achieve widespread use when games are released that have the same quality as traditional games. Thirdweb’s gaming kit will accelerate the development of Web3 gaming by taking care of blockchain complexity and allowing game studios to focus on building a great gaming experience.

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Thirdweb partnered with Coinbase to provide developers with tools that will significantly improve the user experience for players. For example, Coinbase’s payment infrastructure will make it easy for game developers to accept traditional payment methods, such as credit cards, for crypto assets.

Jake Loo, CTO at Thirdweb says: “We are convinced that web3 is the future of gaming. Gamingkit will accelerate the growth of the space by equipping developers with the tools to build games that will bring in millions of Web3 games.

“Partnering with Coinbase means we can launch tools that cover the entire web3 game development stack. Gamingkit is designed to produce games that will be first and foremost incredible gaming experiences, with zero friction caused by the blockchain infrastructure.”

“Our mission is to break down barriers to Web3 gaming by building a development kit that gives developers and gamers the tools to unlock its incredible potential. By partnering with Coinbase, we are able to build a more seamless user experience so that accessible and more inclusive games can be created.”

By Mark Adair – Correspondent, Bdaily

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