Steam achievements not showing up, how to fix steam achievements not unlocking?

Steam achievements not showing up, how to fix steam achievements not unlocking?


Steam is a well-known digital distribution service for video games and then a storefront from Valve. Steam was started as a software client in September 2003 as a method for Valve to provide automatic updates for their games. It then expanded to distribute and offer third-party game publishers’ titles in late 2005. There are many games available on Steam.

Steam achievements not showing up

You can’t see the Steam achievements of your games for several reasons.

1) Play offline

Steam can only track the connected players’ game performance when playing offline. Thus, the achievement option of Steam will not work in offline mode.

2) Permission issues

You must run the games with administrator rights for the Steam Achievements to display or display.

3) Conflicting software

Few conflicting programs can cause problems with Steam achievement. For example, the Discord software may stop performance and other statistical tracking. VPN software and services may block the functionality of Steam’s performance feature.

Here are the very common steps to solve Steam Achievements Not Showing Up issue. If you are still unable to resolve Steam achievements not showing up, you can use the methods given under How to fix Steam achievements not showing up in this article.

  • First restart Steam and then restart your PC. Although it seems useless, it can solve the problem in some cases.

  • Then you can close some apps and services that are not necessary for the game. The remaining readers were also contacted with the games that did not launch on Steam because of this.

  • Here you confirm that your Internet connection is working properly.

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How to fix Steam achievements not showing up

You can go with the methods below to solve the problem of Steam achievements not showing.

1. Select the Go online option

  • To begin, open or unlock the Steam client software.

  • Then tap on the Steam menu, located at the top left of the window.

  • Now select the Go Online option.

  • Then launch the game and check if you can now see the Steam achievements.

Note that the Steam achievements will not be displayed if Steam is working offline. So change this setting to resolve the situation

2. Confirm that Steam Overlay is enabled

  • First, launch the Steam software.

  • Now tap on the Steam menu and then select Settings from the menu.

  • Then tap on the In-Game tab. After that, select the Enable Steam overlay while in-game checkbox.

  • Finally, press the OK button.

3. Configure or construct the Steam games

  • For that, press Windows key + E to open File Explorer first.

  • Next, unlock this default Steam game installation folder (If you installed Steam in a different location, enter the correct path):

C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamapps

  • Then tap on a game’s folder available there to unlock it.

  • Right-click on the game’s EXE file and then select Properties.

  • Next, select the Compatibility tab and click Run this program as an administrator to select it.

  • Now press the Apply button and then press OK to exit.

You can repeat the above steps for all the Steam games where the achievements do not appear.

4. Remove the installed mods for games

  • Get the Steam launch window.

  • Next, tap on Community at the top of Steam and select Workshop.

  • Now, tap on Your Files located on the right side of the Workshop tab.

  • Next, tap Subscribed Items to unlock a list of mods you must have subscribed to for Steam games.

  • Remove or remove all the mods listed here by pressing the Exit button.

5. Remove or uninstall Windows 10

  • Right-click the Start button to select Run from the menu.

  • Type this command and press Enter to start system configuration: msconfig

  • If it is not already selected, press the Selective Startup radio button on the General tab and uncheck or uncheck Load startup items.

  • Here you confirm that both Use original startup configuration and Load system services are selected.

  • Decline or uncheck the Hide all Microsoft services option on the Services tab.

  • Then tap Disable All to reject or opt out of the rest of the third-party services.

  • Now press Apply and then OK buttons to exit the window.

  • Then press the Restart button to start or restart Windows.

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Now you can check if the Steam achievements show up.

Steam achievements are not unlocked

1. Disable Steam Offline Mode

Steam’s offline mode is the key to playing Steam games without a network connection. If the feature works without problems, it may cause achievements not to be unlocked. Then to disable Steam’s offline mode

The game still tracks your achievements when you’re offline, but can sync them to the Steam server only if you next go online. All of these achievements will appear as unlocks at that point. This may depend on how the game has presented the achievements.

2. Read an achievement guide

In some games, what you do to unlock an achievement is very specific. You can use and check out an achievement guide to confirm that you are following all the necessary steps. You can browse Steam’s guides and you can identify a useful resource or go to some guide sites.

3. Be patient

In most games, the steam achievement is unlocked as you satisfy its needs, but this may not be the case in every game. If you’ve technically unlocked the achievement, it won’t show a notification or be seen in your profile until after a while. This may take some time or happen after the next time you start the game.

This issue occurs with multiplayer or always online games due to a broken server connection or a backlog of requests to satisfy. In that case, you can be patient and wait until you finally get the achievement.

4. Restart Steam or reboot

In some cases, restarting the system can solve the problem. For that, close the game first.

  • Next, right-click on the Steam icon on the taskbar and then select Quit.

  • Then start or launch Steam and the game.

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If that doesn’t work, go to the next troubleshooting step.

5. Disable mods and third-party programs

Installing and using mods with your Steam games is easy. But you may find that some of these mods may cause achievements to not unlock. This could be due to the mod changes in gameplay or character performance. It could also be a mistake.

  • Then you can close the game and close Steam.

  • Next, disable all mods and third-party programs.

  • Restart the game and try to get the achievement again.

6. Check if it’s a Steam game?

You can include non-Steam games in Steam and then launch them through the client. You can also buy the games via Steam, which requires a third-party account/launcher. In all the former cases, most of the latter, you cannot get the Steam achievements. Third-party launchers may provide their own achievements, but these are unique.

  • You can view the game in your Steam library if you’re unsure.

  • You may notice an achievements section, where you can tap to see my achievements. If you don’t see this, the game doesn’t track your achievements through Steam.

In such cases, there is nothing to fix. For a non-Steam game you start through Valve’s client, you must purchase the game on Steam to get the achievements on it.

7. Contact the developer

If you get tired of all the methods, you are also not able to solve the problem of steam achievements not unlocking, then you can finally contact the developer.

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