Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Clone Force 99 is the experimental clone unit that specialized in its unique missions for the Republic. Clone Force 99 consisted of four members, later five, and featured clones with a unique sense of individualism for their genetic modifications from other clones. Star Wars contains many clones in a sprawling space opera, and the most unique is perhaps Clone Force 99, also known as The Bad Batch.

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With the latest Disney Plus season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch with Clone Force 99, it’s a good time to dissect the strength of each of these members. Star Wars may never run out of interesting clones, but perhaps none come close to the strength and team effort of brothers like Bad Batch. Ranked by strength, these Clone Force 99 members may have what it takes to fight the Empire and their former brethren.


6/6 Omega

omega holds a blaster rifle

As the newest member of Clone Force 99, Omega has an importance to the squad that has yet to be fully utilized. An unmodified clone of Jango Fett from Kamino, Omega is a pure genetic replication, except for the notable fact that she is female. So far, Omega is the only female clone that Star Wars the fans are aware. Despite her teenage age, she should not be ignored or underestimated.

Omega may be physically weaker than some of the Clone Force 99 and lack the experience of her brothers in the Clone Wars, but that does not make her weak. She is an enhanced clone with a great level of compassion and intellect who helps Clone Force 99 in many situations. Considering that she is being trained by Clone Force 99, it is inevitable that Omega will become far stronger.

5/6 Tech

technology as seen in star wars the bad batch

Tech may not have the same level of strength and fighting skills as his brothers, but his great intellect, calculation and talent with technology make him a strong member of Clone Force 99. Tech is the squad’s intelligence officer and technician and has practically mastered everything. sci-fi technology. Tech’s intellect makes him a great fighter, as he can perfectly calculate what strategy to adapt to win.

Tech’s weapons consist of two hand grenades, which he is not afraid to fire at those who threaten him or his brothers. Tech may not be the most physical or strongest of the group, but he’s still a great member of the squad and proved himself multiple times.

4/6 Echo

echo as seen in star wars the bad batch

Echo did not start out as a member of Clone Force 99. Echo was a close brother of Captain Rex, until his presumed death. For years, Echo was experimented on by the Separatists. Echo was turned into a man with machine parts, and an unwilling participant in the Separatists’ war plans, as they used his dormant mind for battle planning against the clone armies.

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Now freed, and forever changed, Echo joined Clone Force 99 after seeing how much he fit in with the new and genetically modified squad. Echo has a good mind for battle, given his years of experience on the ground with the 501st. Echo also has droid parts that can help him in a fight and hacking and has a temper that people don’t want to be on the receiving end of.

3/6 Crosshairs

crosshair talking to hunter in star wars the bad batch

One of the best genetic mutations given to Crosshair was his exceptional gift of sight. This made Crosshair a deadly sniper, and an expert marksman to compete with. Crosshair’s abilities were of great benefit to his brothers and the Republic’s Grand Army. However, since the activation of Order 66, Crosshair has only become deadlier, and far more antagonistic thanks to the rise of the Galactic Empire.

Now with a grudge against his brothers, Crosshair works for the Empire against the members of Clone Force 99. Crosshair has a great talent for weapons and even hand-to-hand combat. Crosshair should certainly be one to fear, as he has proven that his ethics are very unclear.

2/6 I am

hunter as seen in star wars the bad batch

Hunter is the true leader of Clone Force 99 and protects his squad above all else. His enhanced and modified senses give him a great evolution on the battlefield, as he can track and hunt any target. Hunter is the leader for good reason, displaying a strong level of confidence and strength over his squad to keep them calm and ready for any battle that may come their way.

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Hunter is not only a great team leader and tactician, but he has what it takes to survive in almost any environment. Anything can be a weapon for Hunter, and a victory is inevitable for him and his squad. The respect he deserves and receives is more than proven by his feats in battle.

1/6 Wrecker

Wrecker as seen in star wars the bad batch

There may be a problem with Wrecker’s intellect, but it doesn’t take away from his strength. Wrecker is certainly not the smartest member of the group, but based on sheer resilience and strength, Wrecker is the strongest of the squad and has proven it on more than one occasion. There’s nothing Wrecker won’t try and fight, break or blast, as long as he’s got the thumbs up from his squad.

Wrecker even has a body that doesn’t match other clones. He towers over them with gigantic bulk thanks to his mutations. It helps him take more blaster fire and hits. Wrecker is a great demolitions expert, but his physical strengths far outweigh what he can do with an explosive.

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