Spotify account hacked? Here’s what you need to do

Spotify account hacked?  Here’s what you need to do

If users believe that someone has hacked their Spotify account, there is a way to secure and restore the account, whether they have access to it or not.

Many users may think that their Spotify account was hacked for several reasons, including not being able to log in with the password or seeing unusual activity in Recently played.’ In addition to this, users may notice changes in their subscription settings or third-party apps connected to Spotify. However, Spotify provides its users with many tools to secure and recover their accounts, whether they still have access to them or not.

Spotify is one of the most popular music and podcast streaming services, with a rapidly growing number of subscribers worldwide. The streaming service regularly releases new features and options to compete with other major services such as Apple Music and Amazon Music. Recently, Spotify has introduced the possibility of Mixture favorite music with friends,’ tested TikTok-like scrolling and more.


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Like any other service, a Spotify account is a good target for hackers and intruders. This is because some of them use the active subscription to enjoy Spotify Premium without paying. In addition to this, some hackers can change the account information and resell it for cheap. There are obvious signs that the account is being accessed by some intruders, including changing passwords or email addresses, changes to the playlists and recently played tracks, or noticing that someone is controlling the music from another device.

How to recover and secure a Spotify account

If the user has noticed something wrong with the Spotify account, the first step is to change the password. Users can change their password by opening the Spotify website in any browser and logging in, then clicking nextProfile in the upper right corner of the screen and select Accounting.’ From the left menu, users should choose The Change password option. On the other hand, if the account is not accessible due to a password change, users should click on the “Reset Password” link on the login page.

Changing your password may not be enough to fully secure a Spotify account. From the sameSettings page on the Spotify website, users should also visit Apps page and disconnect any unknown app connected to their Spotify account by clicking/tapRemove access option next to the app name. It is worth noting that Apps are services or add-ons linked to their Spotify accounts, and they may have access to some of the users’ information. Finally, after resetting the password and removing unknown apps, users should go back toSettings home screen of the website and click onLog out everywhere option at the bottom of this page. This option will log out of your Spotify account on each device it is logged into. If the user does not have access to their Spotify account or reset the password using an email address, it is necessary to contact Spotify’s customer support. Spotify will return the account to its original owner after seeing a receipt, bank statement or other proof of ownership.

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