Sponsored Content – 5 Tips How to check if your phone is hacked

Sponsored Content – 5 Tips How to check if your phone is hacked

Our phones have increasingly become an important part of our lives, and our private data is a tool for hackers and fraudsters to make money by defrauding and stealing it. Hackers steal the confidential data stored on your phone and use it to their advantage. Everything from your financial information, email, social media and even regular activities can be tracked and used as such. A hacker can tap your phone and listen to or record your calls, compromise your privacy, gain access to company information and, in the worst case scenario, even drain your bank account.

It is always best to check the security of your phone and look for any alarming signs that may indicate your phone is being hacked.

What number do you call to check if your phone is hacked?

You can look for the code to check if your phone is hacked, and this is one of the built-in features of your smartphone – helping you access detailed security-related information about your phone. These codes are useful for unhacking your phone and restoring the security of your device.

There are a few codes you can call to check if your phone is hacked after extracting your IMEI number with *#06#. If you suspect that a hacker can track your phone, you should be able to dial the code *3001#12345#* for the iPhone operating system and *#*#197328640#*#* for the Android operating system to find out about the phone yours is hacked.

Can you tell if your phone is hacked?

It can be difficult to identify fake activity from hackers on your phone, sometimes even going unnoticed.

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Here are some tips to check if your phone is hacked:

Strange pop-ups and ads: The constant appearance of strange or inappropriate pop-ups or ads on your screen are another way to tell if your phone is being hacked – clicking on these can infect your device with viruses and help the hacker gain access to your phone.

Excessive battery drain: if the battery loses charge quickly, there are chances that malicious spyware is running in the background of the phone and draining the battery. However, you should check for apps on your phone that may be draining your battery before assuming that your phone is infected.

Slow performance: The slow or sluggish performance of your phone is another way to check if your phone is hacked – some of these red flags to check out include app crashes, or apps staying open on their own, screen freezing, or the phone taking forever to perform some task(s). All these problems arise from some malware that is meant to infect your device.

Unknown activity: If you see unknown calls, messages or suspicious activity on social media, it is likely that the hacker has gained access to the personal information on your phone and is using it to conduct fraudulent activities and/or identity theft. High data usage or unknown app installations on your phone are also some other ways to find out if someone is hacking your phone.

You can avoid getting hacked by monitoring your phone’s behavior and checking for any privacy violations by running the codes to see if your phone is hacked and stay updated and beat back the hackers.

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Can you get rid of a hacker on your phone?

If you suspect that your phone has been hacked, there are a few ways you can get rid of the hacker on your phone:

Reset: Performing a factory data reset can clean your phone of any malware or infectious viruses and delete any hackers.

Guard: Watch out for the security of your phone by deleting any unknown apps on your phone that the hacker can use to hack into your phone and watch out for any unknown or suspicious activities.


The security of your phone is essential to protect your personal data and avoid hackers or fraudsters trying to use your precious data for their gain. But in the unfortunate event of your phone being hacked, you can check it by monitoring the phone’s behavior and any unknown activities, as well as running the codes to access detailed security-related information on the phone. Only then can you conclude what the problem is, and take action accordingly.

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