Soulstone Survivor best passive skills

Soulstone Survivor best passive skills

The Role play society receives new installments in the genre with the recent release of Soulstone Survivor. Made of Game Smithing Limited, Soulstone Survivor is an action RPG with roguelike items and hack’n’slash combat. Players can choose from several different characters and are immediately thrown into a randomly generated map to face hordes of enemies of different types.

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Players must kill enemies until a boss appears, and they must defeat the boss to advance in the game. To do this, players will use the intricate skill system implemented in the game. These skills fall into two categories: active skills and passive skills. Passive skills are innate abilities that increase a player’s strength, damage, or ability cooldowns. There are many passive skills that players can stack with other effects to create a truly powerful build. Here are some of them best passive skills in Soulstone Survivor.


7/7 Area

soul stone survivor

The area’s passive skill increases the effective range of abilities as well as the size of projectiles. Although Soulstone Survivor has all but removed the limits of attack range, it is entirely possible to have a range that completely covers the entire map, so that any enemy foolish enough to approach the player’s character is met with a quick kill.

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The boost offered with the skill area starts at five percent and can be upgraded to reach ten percent. When paired with other powerful abilities, no enemy will be out of reach and players will control the battlefield like a billowing storm of chaos.

6/7 Reveal weakness

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With the large amount of enemies that players will face Soulstone Survivor, it is important to deal as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. Stacking several different damaging effects is a valuable strategy for turning enemy health bars to dust.

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The Expose Weakness skill gives character critical attacks a one hundred percent chance to inflict the magical effect, Wound, on enemies. The Wound effect amplifies the status effects players can inflict on enemies and causes them to be inflicted twice. Expose Weakness can be an invaluable tool against high health enemies that act as a wall between the player and progress.

5/7 Weakness

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Of the many status effects that are prevalent in Soulstone Survivor, there are a few that are a must to do well in the game. One of the effects players should take advantage of is the Fragility effect.

The Weakness passive gives players a ten percent chance to apply the Fragility status effect, which will cause enemies to take additional damage from all sources for a total of six seconds. Along with the powerful active skills in Soulstone Survivorplayers will have no problem wiping out entire groups of mobs as they gain experience and stronger gear.

4/7 Multicast

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To cast spells in Soulstone Survivor can be a risky venture, as a single moment is all it takes to be overwhelmed by dozens of enemies surrounding the player and melting their health bar. While one way to combat this is movement speed, another is to make a spell count more.

The Multicast skill provides a small percentage buff to multicasting chances. Buffet starts at four percent, and rises to twenty percent fully upgraded. Having a high multicasting chance will allow players to get multiple activations of their skills on a single cast, doubling their effective damage.

3/7 Merciless

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A common practice in RPG elements is buffing damage numbers through stacking critical percentage chances for abilities. Soulstone Survivor has many ways to improve both critical chance and damage modifiers in the game. One of these ways is to use the Relentless passive skill, which increases the critical damage a player can deal to enemies.

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Buffet to critical damage starts at twelve percent and can be increased to thirty-six percent when the skill is fully upgraded. More damage is perhaps the most crucial goal in Soulstone Survivor, and players should prioritize any chance to get bigger numbers.

2/7 Mortality

Soulstone Survivor

Increasing critical damage is very useful, but without a high critical chance, players will swing for the fences and fall short. Some character classes have innate boosts to critical chance modifiers, and even equipment can improve the rating. However, a readily available way to increase critical chance is through the Lethality skill.

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The base bonus that Lethality gives to players is five percent. This rises to ten percent and then fifteen percent for each upgrade. Players want to ensure that when they hit a target, they dish out as much damage as possible, and lethality can help with that.

1/7 Evil strike

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Crit is usually king in RPG worlds. Most builds focus on this stat to create effective damage dealers for enemies with some damage mushroom. There are several ways in which critical chances and damage are increased Soulstone Survivorbut nothing beats a guaranteed critique.

Vicious Strikes provide a 100% bonus when attacking an enemy at full health, instantly triggering a critical attack. With one hit, players can dish out significant damage and negative status effects and unleash their powerful abilities. With breathing room as Soulstone Survivor gives players in terms of power scaling, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to finish off most enemies with this skill.

Soulstone Survivor is available on PC via Steam through early access.

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