Sombra may eventually become the series’ most important character

Sombra may eventually become the series’ most important character

Overwatch 2’s main plot will focus on Ramattra’s new Omnic Rebellion, but once that story is done, Sombra’s investigation could become important.

Overwatch 2 is set to move the narrative forward in a big way through its PvE campaign, and while it’s been a while since Blizzard last showed it off, fans have a good idea of ​​what to expect. Based on what was initially shown, a new Omnic Crisis appeared to be taking place, introducing a number of terrifying new machines for the heroes to contend with. Thanks to the addition of Tank hero Ramattra, players now know who is leading these Omnics, although the story will surely continue once he has been stopped.


Although the partnership between Null Sector and Talon ensures that the new Overwatch group will have many enemies to face, it can be assumed that the heroes will save the day as they always do. As a result, a new threat will have to be teased, and there’s a good chance this villain has been in the background all along. Sombra’s quest for the truth may lead to Overwatch 2 character right to them, setting the stage for the next big story arc.

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Sombra’s quest for the truth could be the next step in Overwatch 2’s story

Even though Overwatch 2The story will have a lot going on with the different character interactions and the presence of two villain factions, it can always have a post credit scene that sets up what’s next. Sombra finally getting the answers she’s looking for could be a perfect teaser for what’s to come, as those familiar with the character will know that she uses the Talon to obtain the necessary resources so she can solve the mystery.

As revealed in Sombra’s origin story, her natural hacking abilities allowed her to access any secret information she wanted. Gathering information became an addiction for the cocky hacker, but eventually she stumbled upon a global conspiracy that shook her to the core. This conspiracy and the people behind it have become her entire motivation, but with Sombra noticed by the group during her hack, she has been on the run ever since. This led to her abandoning the name Olivia Colomar and becoming Sombra, receiving cybernetic implants to enhance her hacking skills shortly after.

It’s clear that this conspiracy is a threat, but only Sombra knows why. Her determination to learn more about the group has led her to join a terrorist organization, but based on how protective she is of Sigma, she is not morally corrupt like the rest of the group. Just as she used Volskaya in her animated film “Infiltration”, Sombra works for Talon solely to further her own goal of finding the person who rules the world. With this person shown to have ties to heroes and villains alike, and perhaps even the Iris that Zenyatta and his fellow monks worship, it’s unclear exactly what they want.

If Overwatch 2 is going to really move the narrative forward, it has to show character development for all the heroes. Hanzo must stop being conflicted and start making peace with his brother Genji, Reinhardt must confront his hatred of the Omnics, and Sombra must make some headway in her conspiracy investigation. The longer Blizzard leaves questions like this unanswered, the less interested the community will be when the information finally arrives.

Similar to how it would be interesting to see Widowmaker escape the brainwashing and join Overwatch, it would be fun to see Sombra find what she’s looking for and disappear from Talon. Perhaps she’ll find something so shocking and someone so formidable that she’ll have to ask for Overwatch’s help, switch sides, and align herself with characters like Winston and Tracer to save the world. If the figure at the heart of the conspiracy is really behind everything that has happened in Overwatch universe, good and evil, a battle against them can briefly unite villains like Moira with heroes like Mercy. If Sombra solves this conspiracy, she could become the most important character in Overwatch.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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