Sombra Guide (Tips, Abilities & More)

Sombra Guide (Tips, Abilities & More)

With invisibility and a teleport, Sombra is perhaps the hardest hero to take out Overwatch 2. Her SMG damage is annoying and the fact that she disables heroes even while casting their ultimates makes her scary if a pro starts using her.

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Uses her well Overwatch 2 is a feat. Few characters have the vast amount of skills that she has. Her invisibility is not guaranteed and she often puts herself in danger in the enemy’s back line. However, it is worth learning to master her skills. With some tips from experts, Sombra is a welcome addition to any team.


Play style

Sombra has been given some extra setup compared to most heroes, as she should have hacked a health dispenser and a teleport location set before engaging. When they are in place, you become invisible and get to the back lines without getting close to enemies.

Behind the enemy team, hack some dangerous ones in the back line and try to shoot them down. When things get overwhelming or an elite tank unit shows up to the party, you can either end up out or turn invisible and run away. Return to the hacking healing station and repeat the process.


Submachine gun

  • Short-range automatic weapon

For those who like Reaper’s attacks but would like to see them in SMG form, this is your chance. Sombra’s primary attack is both inaccurate and weak, but in near melee combat the rate of fire is enough to eliminate a hero in just a clip or two.

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  • Aim at a device and hold to hack it. Hacked enemies cannot use abilities. Hack health packs spawn faster and cannot be used by enemies. Taking damage cancels the hack attempt.

Allies also see health packs through walls and use packs from a hacked station. Enemies that have been hacked can only use their primary ability. Once the hack is complete, Sombra can take damage without ending the effect, but during the hack she must remain unharmed or the effect will fail.


  • Throw a beacon. Use the ability again to teleport to it. The location can be removed and replaced.

New players to the franchise will find themselves in a lot of tough spots. Sombra has the best bail-out ability in the game, as she can simply click a button and return to the location of her translocator. It can be placed on top of a healing station to heal damage, or it can be used offensively and placed in a tricky spot behind the line.


  • Passive: Detect critically injured enemies through walls.

Because Sombra isn’t the hardest hitting DPS unit in the game, she has to be more of a scavenger. Pay attention when you are behind the line. Sombra often has to create her own opportunities, but a low health enemy that appears on screen is prime for a takedown.


  • Become invisible and move quickly.

This invisibility is broken if Sombra gets too close to an enemy, so stay away if you’re trying to be sneaky. The extra movement speed shouldn’t be discounted as Sombra often has to go out and enter combat. The sooner she returns, the more important she is to the squad.


  • Hack enemies and destroy enemy shields and barriers around Sombra.

The area of ​​this effect is huge, easily capable of hitting an entire team. Taking away all but the primary moves for all resistance is understandably powerful, and this move alone makes Sombra’s teammates love her.

tips and tricks

Sombra isn’t always going to get killed, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t useful as a DPS hero. Players who have unlocked all the heroes are well aware that getting hacked is fatal for just about any hero. Shoot even if you don’t kill just to change Sombra’s EMP.

Support heroes are prime candidates for Sombra’s hack. They usually heal someone else and rob that healing is great. Additionally, they’re all usually at their weakest when they can’t do anything other than a primary attack.


Zarya is a frontline ally who can protect Sombra when she takes damage. The extra stamina is appreciated, allowing Sombra to damage an extra magazine or two and charge her even more.

As one of the game’s premier DPS heroes, Reaper and Sombra can devastate an enemy team. all it takes is one hack and Reaper can usually finish the job against anyone. It’s a 1-2 punch that happens so quickly that opponents have a hard time reacting.

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Even though Sombra and Widowmaker are on opposite ends of the map, they complement each other immensely. Sombra forces enemies to turn and Widowmaker can capitalize on a headshot. Widowmaker’s ultimate exposes isolated enemies to Sombra who thrives in one-on-one situations while Sombra’s ultimate takes down shields and allows Widowmaker to do what she does best.

As someone who lives behind enemy lines, it takes a special support hero to reach Sombra with healing. Ana can actually do this nicely. Also, if Sombra hacks one unit, Ana can remove their ability to heal, hitting opponents by wiping out two of their allies in a brief moment.

Sombra doesn’t often get to stand side by side with a tank, but Winston is a happy exception. With her leap and shield, Sombra can take advantage of the extra protection and chaos to land a few quick hits. Winston and Sombra together can focus one all the way down every few seconds without much stopping it.

Advantages and counters

Think of the heroes that become almost useless with just a normal attack. Mercy, Tracer and Genji are fodder if Sombra gets hold of them. As a counter-infiltrator, Simbra can eliminate these types of heroes from combat. Roadhog being interrupted while trying to heal is another good Sombra target.

Sombra is great against even the best support heroes, but Zenyatta is tough since his normal attacks still hit really hard. Torbjorn and Symmetra have two defense points, so even if Sombra can disable the hero, they’ll still have their safe zones to run to.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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