Sombra desperately needs a nerf in Overwatch 2

Sombra desperately needs a nerf in Overwatch 2

IN Overwatch 2 beta playtests, players were quick to notice the potential of Sombra’s new abilities, and now few are surprised to see her thrive in the game’s official release – but she seems to be doing a little too well . Compared to some other heroes in the previous game, this Latina hacker received a massive rework Overwatch 2, and it seems to have changed her playing style considerably. She has gone from a niche pick to a must-have in any team composition, and that may be an indicator that her abilities are overrated.


In the original title, Sombra was not a popular hero (at least not compared to her current pick rate). Especially in the higher ranks, she was considered to be a very situational option, mostly used to counter ability-dependent heroes, such as the damage hero Pharah in Overwatch. While her hack was extremely oppressive at the time, limiting heroes from using their abilities for a few seconds and even earning her the nickname “anti-fun hero”, it was quite difficult to play her to full effectiveness. Her damage output was mediocre, even at close range, so the only justification for picking her would be her hack. Even so, experienced players would be able to anticipate Sombra’s hacks and play around them, essentially shutting her out of the game.

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In the current version of Overwatch 2, Sombra has received some significant updates to her kit that make her much more valuable. Alongside heroes like Junkrat i Overwatch 2, she benefits from the new DPS passive ability, which gives her faster movement and reload speed after being eliminated. Her hack has been adjusted to limit heroes’ abilities for just over a second, but she now deals 40% more damage to hacked enemies. She is even able to hack without breaking the cloak of her invisible Stealth mode. Her ultimate ability EMP still hacks all enemies in range, but it also damages them for 40% of their current HP and deals heavy damage to all barriers.

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Sombra effortlessly murders Squishy heroes in OW2

Being able to hack while invisible is a huge buff for Sombra i Overwatch 2. Previously, she had to come out of Stealth mode to hack a target, making her susceptible to both taking damage and having her hack interrupted. Many times, while in the backline trying to kill a support character that Overwatch‘s Moira, a Sombra would attempt to hack her enemy, only for them to turn and fight her. Either she would manage to kill the enemy, the enemy would kill her and live on unharmed, or she would have to use her translocator to escape before she died. But with this new change, she can consistently get hacks with little to no risk involved. Squishy (or low health) heroes are more affected by this, as in many cases they rely on their abilities to help them survive. Not being able to use her abilities by herself for a second, plus taking 40% more damage from Sombra makes her deadly for these heroes, especially support characters like Overwatch 2is Lucio. This aspect of her kit is so strong that even tank heroes, with their large health pools, can fight against her; the hack only has a four second cooldown, allowing her to easily hack a target multiple times.

And while she’s viable in all team compositions, Sombra inherently excels alongside dive heroes. This playstyle focuses on quick engagements and eliminations, with teams aiming to pick off one all together to gain an advantage. Usually the target is a squishy character, so Sombra’s new abilities synergize smoothly with this playstyle. She can hack an enemy without even putting herself in harm’s way, opening up an opportunity for her team to immediately pounce on the compromised target. Unless the players on the enemy team have lightning fast reaction times, it’s a difficult combination to counter. With characters like Overwatch 2 Tank characters D.Va, Genji, and Moira are popular choices so far, and Sombra has gotten even better use of her abilities than she would.

Sombra’s EMP Ultimate can automatically win matches

In the first game, Sombra’s EMP was already brutal. Hacking all targets in the ultimate large radius was more than enough to win matches in the team’s favor. But with his buff in Overwatch 2, it also does 40% of the targets current HP, immediately placing them at an unavoidable disadvantage. Sombra’s new passive that allows her to deal 40% more damage to hacked targets goes hand in hand with her EMP. Regardless of whether she uses it to engage a team of Overwatch veterans, or a team of beginners just starting to play Overwatch 2, it is incredibly useful for her team. There is almost no wrong time to use it; With the push of a button, Sombra allows both herself and her teammates to quickly melt down the opposition.

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The barrier damaging aspect of her EMP shouldn’t be overlooked either. Shields were a major problem in the original title, and were part of the reason the secondary tank role was removed from the game and the 5v5 format was adopted in Overwatch 2. Some heroes, like Orisa, were also reworked to eliminate the barriers from their kits entirely. That said, for the heroes who still use shields, like Reinhardt, they are an integral part of their kit. Usually played in modes like Assault or Hybrid – like Overwatch 2its new map Paraíso set in Rio – these heroes play much slower and are focused on protecting their teammates. They gradually gain space on the map, so they may struggle to be useful without their shields. With Sombra’s EMP breaking all barriers within range, these heroes can be at an even greater disadvantage.

With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that many players are calling for Sombra to be nerfed. With less crowd control and more damage based abilities, her new kit fits right in Overwatch 2his playing style without any problems. However, the competitive health of the game could benefit from toning down her power. A developer blog from Blizzard shows that the team is already looking into rebalancing her, but a tweet from the game director Aaron Keller indicates that the change may not be significant. For now, Sombra mains still have time to hack their competitors to defeat.

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Source: Blizzard, Aaron Keller/Twitter

Editor’s Note: A lawsuit has been filed against Activision Blizzard by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleging that the company has engaged in harassment, discrimination and retaliation against its female employees. Activision Blizzard has denied the allegations. The full details of the Activision Blizzard lawsuit (content warning: rape, suicide, assault, harassment) will be updated as new information becomes available.

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