Snapchat butterfly lens: How to unlock butterflies mood lens on Snapchat

Snapchat butterfly lens: How to unlock butterflies mood lens on Snapchat

Snapchat is now more of a camera lens app than a messaging app since most of us use it mainly for the fun new filters and lenses. The Snapchat lenses option, for the uninitiated, can transform your face or the world around you using special effects. The latest Snapchat lens to grab everyone’s attention is the new butterfly lens. If you had seen someone trying this filter and have been thinking how to try the butterfly lens on Snapchat, then I have mentioned five different ways you can make the Snapchat butterfly fly around on your snaps. So what’s the wait, let’s fly to the!

What is a Butterfly Lens on Snapchat?

The butterfly lens is another Snapchat lens where the filter works when it detects a face. In this one, you can see many butterflies flying around your face. Since the filter is now popular, there are many butterfly filters available in the app. But among these is the Paper Butterfly lens with the username jp pirie, which led to the start of all this obscurity. The filter is free to use, just like other filters available on Snapchat.

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How to use the butterfly lens on Snapchat

There are several methods by which you can get the butterfly lens and apply it to your Snapchat photos/videos.

Using Snapchat Lens link

In this method you can ask your friend or the user who had already used the butterfly lens to share the link with you. After receiving the link in your inbox, all you have to do is tap it and you will get the Snapchat butterfly lens on your device. Here’s how to share Lens on Snapchat:

Snapchat butterfly lens
  • Open Snapchat and tap on filter icon.
  • Swipe up to show more filters.
  • Find the Snapchat Butterfly filter and tap and hold on it.
  • Press Send to friends.

Select the method by which you want to share the lens.

Get butterfly lens on Snapchat using Snapcode photo

If none of your friends have access to the lens, or you just don’t want to ask them, try the Snapcode method. Here’s what you need to do:

Snapchat butterfly lens

  • Open Snapchat on your smartphone.
  • To unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat, place the camera above Snapcode (added above) and click on an image.

Snapchat will scan the photo and open the link automatically.

Unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat from your camera roll

This method is almost the same as scanning a Snapcode mentioned above. But instead of scanning, you can download the Snapcode and then load it into the Snapchat camera to get the butterfly filter. Here are the steps for it:

  • Open Snapchat.
  • Press Memories icon to the left of the camera shutter button.
  • Select Camera roll
  • Then select the butterfly’s Snapcode.
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Snapchat will automatically detect the code and load the butterfly filter.

Search for butterfly lens on the Snapchat app

Even if you fail to get the butterfly filter on Snapchat from the above methods, you can simply search for the filter, yes. It is very simple and easy, follow these steps:

Snapchat butterfly lens
  • Open Snapchat and tap Search next to your profile at the top left.
  • Type Butterfly lens and select the filter you want.

If you did not find the lens you are looking for, you can press See more and see more options to choose from.

Unlock butterfly filters from other people’s Snaps

Apart from the previously mentioned steps, if you happen to come across a snap using the butterfly lens, you can get it from there as well. This is how:

  • Press Try again button below the snap that applies the filter.
    (You can also swipe up and select lens)
  • Now you can take photos with the butterfly lens.

Using Snapchat Lens studio

Snapchat Lens Studio is another way to unlock Snapchat butterflies mood lens. This is how it works:

  • Fire up the Snapchat app and go to the Snapchat lens studio section
  • You can see various lenses created by Snapchat users
  • A carousel consisting of all the lenses will appear
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the popular butterfly lens
  • Select Snapcode to save them for later use.

Common questions

How do I remove the butterfly filter on Snapchat?

To remove the butterfly filter on Snapchat, you can either close the app or if you have favorited the lens, tap the ‘i’ button at the top left of the screen and tap the like button. The filter will be removed from your favorite.

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How to find favorite snaps on Snapchat

Tap the icon to the left of the camera app and you can see the memory section, where you can see all your favorite photos.

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