Signalis: How to solve the Astrolabe puzzles and access the mineshafts

Signalis: How to solve the Astrolabe puzzles and access the mineshafts

Signal ice is a survival horror experience through and through, with puzzles to solve, ammo to conserve and enemies you’d much rather avoid. Combine this with a distinct art style and an illusory story about Ester, a Replika agent in search of answers, and you have perhaps one of the best indie horror games of the year.

See the trailer for Signalis here.

Seriously, I can’t get enough. That said, however, navigating the facility you’re in and figuring out where to go isn’t always as easy as it usually is with these games. A small collection of puzzles that saw me stumped Signalis’ Astrolabeand I doubt I’m alone in that.

So in this guide, we’re going to guide you from the moment you picked up the Hummingbird Key, until you get your hands on the Administrator’s Key. This means we will also tell you how to solve the different Astrolabe tasks in Signalis.

How to solve the Astrolabe puzzle in Signalis

At this point in Signalis, we assume you’ve already unlocked the island painting and picked up the Hummingbird Key from Falke’s box in their room.

If you don’t have it, go through the contents of our guide on how to unlock the island painting until you have the Hummingbird Key. So come back here!

Signalis Eagle Key

The Hummingbird Key can now be used to enter the KLBR study, which is accessible from the East Hallway on the eighth floor of the facility.

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A map describing the location of the KLBR study and the bedroom in Signalis

In this room you will be able to grab the Eagle Key. You can then proceed into the KLBR bedroom, but prepare for trouble.

Signalis Postbox key

When you enter the KLBR bedroom, a dozen replicas will be looking to attack you and prevent you from going further into the room. You will also be hacked in the process, with a radio frequency regularly flashing up on the screen.

Tune into the frequency shown and the sound played will damage the Replika agents. You have to repeat this with a different radio frequency three to four times before all the agents are dead and you can continue.

With them down, you can go further into the room and get the mailbox key.

Signalis library key

With the Postbox key in our possession, we can now finally open the red mailbox located on the sixth floor, by the elevators.

The player faces the mailbox on the sixth floor of Signalis

Inside the mailbox you will find the library key. Now we can finally enter the library on the eighth floor, which is right next to the Paternoster elevator.

The map shows the location of the Library in Signalis

Signalis library puzzle

Inside the library you will find a puzzle. This puzzle requires you to use the control panel to move an item and you will aim to put this item in the red slot shown below.

The library puzzle in Signalis appears

Like many of Signalis’ puzzles, this one can be solved easily with a little trial and error. Once the puzzle is completed, you will receive the Astrolabe. Personally, I had to move the original element around in the lower left corner, two to three more moves after this and towards the red slot, and it was fixed.

Signalis Astrolabe Star Map Puzzle

The next puzzle, and the one I’ve called obtuse, is actually located in the room north of the ADLR bedroom on the eighth floor of the facility.

A map showing the location of the ADLR bedroom and study in Signalis
You need the Eagle Key to access the ADLR study.

First, however, it’s worth going south of the library and into the room with the star chart. Take a close look at the map, and if you can, try to screenshot it while Heimat is at the northernmost point. This comes in handy in the puzzle!

The star chart in Signalis
Here is the star chart, which you will need while solving the Astrolabe puzzle.

Now go to the sixth floor and make your way to the ADLR bedroom, making sure you have the Eagle Key and Astrolabe in your possession. You will be able to enter the ADLR study via the bedroom using the Eagle Key, and will find an item that the Astrolabe fits into.

On this small box, pictured below, you will see various symbols. The star at the very top is meant to represent Heimat, which means that the other symbols must all be representative of other planets seen in the star chart. Click on each row of this item to make each symbol move, place them in the same location as their respective planets, then tap the white circle in the middle. If not, the answer is in the image below.

The solution to Signalis' Astrolabe puzzle

The box opens and displays the administrator key and a diary.

You will then be able to use this key to finally gain access to the mine shafts, and delve deeper into the strange goings on at this facility.

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