Seraph’s Shield should set the standard for Season Quests

Seraph’s Shield should set the standard for Season Quests

Destiny 2’s Operation: Seraph’s Shield has become a fan favorite in the short time it’s been out, and it should set a standard for seasonal missions.

Fate 2‘s Operation: Seraph’s Shield has been out for several days and has received positive feedback from the community at large. Tied to the Season of the Seraph, Operation: Seraph’s Shield is an exotic mission that builds on the weekly story that appears this season. The reward for completing the mission, the exotic pulse rifle Revision Zero, has set a new high for the game. With that in mind, Operation: Seraph’s Shield should also set the standard for seasonal missions in the future.


The final weeks of Season of the Seraph have set a high standard for the unfolding of the story. Bringing back Clovis Bray’s Exo Frame has revitalized the storytelling and brought a compelling character and narrative that the seasonal content sorely needed. In addition, exploring and learning more about his many facilities and works sets humanity’s preparations in good stead for The Witness’ return, which is highly anticipated in the upcoming Lightfall expansion for Fate 2 release in February 2023.

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How to get Operation: Seraph’s Shield


Operation: Seraph’s Shield is tied to the weekly story mission More Than a Weapon, which players must complete in Week 3, in order to loot a required Seraph Chest. Once accomplished, players can visit HELM to speak with the Exo Stranger, Elsie Bray at the holoprojector, who will grant access to the exotic quest, The Hidden Shape. The first part of The Hidden Shape allows players to launch a new mission in the HELM map, Operation: Seraph’s Shield. The mission has two modes, Normal and Legendary. Players only need to complete it on Normal to progress in their quest for the Exotic Pulse Rifle.

The mission for Operation: Seraph’s Shield begins similarly to the various Heist Battleground missions. However, players soon find themselves in a launch tube to board the Clovis Bray Orbital Station in Earth orbit. On board the station, not only will the Guardians encounter a multitude of House Salvation Fallen, but they must introduce a computer virus into the system to prevent the Fallen from obtaining crucial Intel.

Operation: Seraph Shield’s Mission Dynamics


As players progress through the mission, they will use mechanics similar to the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, which involves obtaining Augments from House Salvation Fallen enemies such as scanners and operator protocols to see terminals and interfaces that light up to guide players to the next area . While familiar to players who have completed the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, these puzzles are most likely refreshing to newer players who haven’t.

These puzzles involve deciding which interfaces and terminals to hack and shoot, and they also dictate safe zones, such as in the microwave room, where touching the wrong floor tile results in instant death. Other tasks include matching the correct terminal layouts that the Augments allow players to see in previous rooms before a shield knocks out the Augment. Finally, Fate 2 players will traverse outside Bray Orbital Station, jumping over various mechanical arms and platforms to reach a safety zone.

Destiny 2 Revision Zero Blue and Yellow Highlights

Despite sharing the aesthetics and puzzles of Deep Stone Crypt Raid, many players have found The Hidden Shape and thus the mission Operation: Seraph’s Shield to be a breath of fresh air. For a short time, the mission, along with the Exotic Pulse Rifle Revision Zero, was trending on Twitter, with many players in the community adding their voices to the cheers of going through the steps without repeating the Heist Battleground missions over and over again.

This issue occurred during Season of Plunder, which saw the lowest number of players for Fate 2 community, with many complaints lobbed at the repetitive nature of the Ketchcrash and expedition missions required to advance the story. Now that Heist Battlegrounds is live, Bungie seems to have heard the complaints and listened to its fans, bringing back popular mechanics and creating a new way to tackle seasonal content. If things continue in this positive direction, Operation: Seraph’s Shield should become a template for handling future seasons.

Fate 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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