Secret areas from your favorite games you may have missed

Secret areas from your favorite games you may have missed

You’ve played many of your favorite games so many times that you might think you know everything about them. But there are always new things to learn. It can be shocking to discover new secrets that you never knew about, even if you’ve been playing the game for over a decade or two.

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You can 100 percent many of these titles without discovering most hidden areas, and some secrets are not intended, but rather, the developers don’t even expect you to uncover. Here are some surprising findings.


8 Duke Nukem 3D: E1L1 Pipe Bombs

Unmarked secret area in the first level of Duke Nukem 3D.

Hollywood Holocaust is probably the most iconic level in Duke Nukem 3D. It’s great to play in both single player and multiplayer, but if you’ve only played the former, you’ve probably missed this hidden area. Next to the elevator on the way to the arcade is a trash can. Jump on it and press the use button on the wall to reveal a secret area containing Pipe Bombs and Night Vision Goggles.

This is an uncoded secret area, meaning you can get 100 percent secrets in the level and still not even know it exists. These items are not necessary for single player use, but are a lifesaver in deathmatch. Pipe Bombs just decimate other players, especially since you can throw them through the wall in the secret apartment room.

7 Ninja Gaiden 2: Secret Talisman in Chapter 4

The upper path leading to the secret chest behind the ladder in Ninja Gaiden 2.

Ninja Gaiden 2 is one of the hardest games on the Xbox 360, especially when you crank up the Master Ninja difficulty. You’re going to need all the help you can get when it comes to supplies. Master Ninja mode makes items and upgrades in the shop cost as much as a house, so it’s best to pick up supplies straight from chests and dead bodies.

There is a secret chest in Chapter 4 that the developers hid very well. After going through the subway and into the city, you’ll come to a save point for a dragon statue and have to climb a ladder. Once up, don’t charge forward, as right behind you is an upper path that leads to a chest. This contains a Talisman of Rebirth, which revives you upon death, and is incredibly useful.

6 Banjo-Tooie: Goldfish

The boulder in Banjo-Tooie that contains Banjo's pet goldfish.

Banjo-Tooie is a game filled with secrets, many of which are not necessary for 100 percent completion. The mystery of Stop ‘n Swap 2 is still ongoing, but another secret you probably missed is Banjo’s pet goldfish. At the beginning of the game, there is a boulder near Banjo’s house. When you start, nothing seems strange about it. However, later in the game you unlock a move called the Bill Drill, which is primarily used to break boulders.

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Since Spiral Mountain doesn’t have much to it, and you probably forgot the starting block, you can miss this secret. When you break it open, you’ll save Banjo’s pet goldfish. It will almost double your oxygen supply and you will learn to swim faster.

5 Devil May Cry 4: Hidden Items In Mission 5

The two hidden objects on the chandelier from Devil May Cry 4.

Unlike Ninja Gaiden, where the game encourages the use of items, Devil May Cry is the opposite in that you are explicitly penalized for using healing and damage-based items. Because of this, many will miss many of the items placed throughout the game world, and none are better hidden than two in mission 5. When you start the level, do not go further. Instead, go all the way back to the Great Hall.

At the top of the chandelier is a Vital Star L and Holy Water, but getting up there is a challenge. You must first platform on two higher shelves, which are easy to fall from. Next, reach for the platform, perform an aerial walk, and then grab a Calibur to get to the top. Doing this sequence with Max Exceed gives it some extra distance.

4 Silent Hill 2: Eddie’s Room

A football poster in Eddie's hidden room in Silent Hill 2.

Early in Silent Hill 2, you meet Eddie for the first time in the apartment building. Since he throws up in a toilet, and the encounter isn’t the most pleasant, you’ll probably want to leave the scene after the cutscene. But if you go back inside, there is an area that can be easily missed next to the bathroom.

In it there are various football posters, graffiti, and even a physical football on the floor. All of this alludes to Eddie’s backstory, and is of central importance when considering what becomes of Eddie later in the game.

3 Resident Evil 4: Homing Mine Darts

Homing mine darts from the area outside the area in Resident Evil 4.

This secret in Resident Evil 4 is only available in the GameCube and PS2 versions, as it was fixed in later ports. In the farm area after the first ambush in the village, there is a nice glitch. Go north to a fence, and jump over it as close to the edge as possible towards a raised ground area. This will allow you to go beyond the limits.

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From here you go north; in that section you should find some items on the floor. One of them is the Homing Mine Darts, which strangely don’t appear anywhere else in the game. Homing Mine Darts are actually an upgrade once you’ve maxed out the Mine Thrower, but it’s fascinating to know that they were originally separate ammo.

The secret thermal goggles in the pool at the start of Metal Gear Solid 2.

Metal Gear Solid 2 has a plethora of secrets and hidden details, but one of the more elusive, not discussed elsewhere, is the early item locations. You can find many items in the game in several areas. In the plant chapter, the thermal goggles have five separate locations where you can find them, but the earliest is right under your nose.

Once you’ve taken control of Raiden, jump right back into the pool. The colonel will give you a little tutorial on swimming, but that’s not all. At the very bottom of the pool, to the right, is the first place you can get the Thermal Goggles. This is incredibly useful, especially in harder modes and for collecting dog tags.

1 Blodbåren: Cut content

A cut version of the final boss of Bloodborne is just chilling in the game files, ready to play.

Like many games, Bloodborne has cut content, including many bosses that are still in the game files. You’d think that the only way to check these out is by hacking the game, but you’d be dead wrong. You can access these bosses from glyphs in the chalice dungeon, as long as you are online.

The bosses are functional with AI and everything. It’s amazing that you can play this cut content so easily and it’s very rare in games. If you thought you had done everything in Bloodborne and defeated every optional boss, there is more work to do.

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